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    Default Soy Candle Throw

    I was given my first soy candle at Christmas and was really pleased with its fragrance in the jar. I heard that soy candles burn cleaner than parafin candles so I was really looking forward to burning it, since I dislike the blackened glass jar of a parafin candle. However, I've been very disappointed by the throw of this soy candle when burnt. I have to lean over it before I can detect its fragrance.

    Do soy candles have less throw than parafin or other candles in general? How about beewax candles?

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    Default Re: Soy Candle Throw

    This candle look like the good .so what about the greata candle look

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    Default Re: Soy Candle Throw

    yes, soy candles for my taste are weaker in throw, and the soy candles have rotten smell like burned oil, i think normal wax base is a much better fragrance carrier.
    anyway on the market are soy candles with high throw like kilians candles, but for me the smel of the burned oil is on the scentcloud based in background, which makes it not comfortable. the other problem is, soy candles always make a blooming wick, you have to cut the wick every 15-30 minutes.

    no way for soy candles for me, sorry... for one exept! Bond No9 makes the on and only best soy candles in the world, i think this wax is a very special soy classic wax mix or so..
    does anyone know which produced the bond candles in the us??? this is a secret?? i find nothing about..

    scent up your life!

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    Default Re: Soy Candle Throw

    Yes soy candles are often more difficult to get scent to "throw", it is much easier with paraffin wax. I make candles at home as a hobby and many of my suppliers actually recommend certain fragrances as working better in soy than others. It is hit or miss though since there are so many different brands and mixtures of soy wax available. I have had the best luck with a parasoy blend using 30% to 50% paraffin wax (4630) and 50% to 70% soy. However I still find that a 100% paraffin candle will usually throw better in most all cases. Sadly I get a better looking candle with no wet spots with the parasoy blend.

    The other trick to great hot throw is finding the correct wick for the particular wax you are using and the size of your candle container. The wick should burn just hot enough to create a melt pool at a rate of about 1 inch diameter per hour. For instance if your container is three 1/2 inches in diameter you would want to achieve a full melt pool in 3 1/2 hours. The ideal melt pool should be approximately 1/4" in depth. The fragrance oil will be released from the melt pool. Too deep a melt pool indicates that the wick is to large and would cause considerable smoking and possibly be dangerous to the container. It's is tricky and takes a lot of experimentation to get a candle system just right.

    Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Soy Candle Throw

    Yeah Soy candles are nicer, but to my experience they can be weaker, which is a real shame.

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    Default Re: Soy Candle Throw

    I didn't know Bond No 9 candles were soy, thanks for the info milanolover. Their New Haarlem candle is one of my favorites in the winter:

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    Default Re: Soy Candle Throw

    Just to clarify, to the best of my knowledge Bond No9 use a soy/para blend for their candles ....unless they've changed their formula, but I can't find any info to suggest they have. I haven't seen any high-end designer candles that use all soy since it has such a slight throw.
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    My understanding is that the problem with 100% soy, aside from the slight "cooking oil" aroma that the soy itself adds to the scent mix when burning, is that it can't hold as much fragrance as para or soy/para blends. When soy becomes oversaturated with the fragrance oil, it sweats out the oil, and the remainder will pool at the bottom of the candle, potentially creating a fire hazard. So there is just so much fragrance that soy can safely hold.

    100% soy has its benefits, but it is best left for candles designed solely for mood and illumination, and not for scenting a room.

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    Default Re: Soy Candle Throw

    This is very interesting. I just bought several of my favorite candles from Anthropologie--the Voluspa Crisp Champagne and the Volcano. I love the scents but was just noticing that I had to lean over the candles to really smell the fragrance, which is inconvenient. I am very picky, and have been so thrilled to find scents that I love, but I find myself burning multiple expensive candles at once to get much of a scent at all. Does anyone know of candles with similar fragrances that are paraffin-based?

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