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    Default Can we get an Update please?

    Hi Grant,

    I may be wrong, but this project appears to have stalled somewhat.

    After submitting my feedback months ago, I have noticed that the number of "thread views" on my private comments equal the exact number of times that I've visited the page. This suggests to me that the CPL team have not logged in for a long time to review feedback.

    Have you any idea where the project stands right now, and when the second round of amendments can be expected?

    Thanks a bunch

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    Default Re: Can we get an Update please?

    I've been wondering about the project, too.

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    Default Re: Can we get an Update please?

    An update would be appreciated.

    OK, thanks for the update.

    I also have a new mailing address.
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    Default Re: Can we get an Update please?

    Sorry for the delay on this. I'm collating the info for CPL at the moment. I'm more than happy to give refunds if they are required. But this project (and the Magazine, while I'm on the subject) are still going concerns and on the top of my list.

    Something happened in 2010, which delayed everything by about 6 months or so, but I'm getting back on track now.

    Sorry everyone

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    Default Re: Can we get an Update please?

    No problem, Grant - delays are perfectly understandable these days. Honestly, I thought the original schedule was a bit aggressive.

    Looking forward to the next iterations. I expect there will be robust discussion (and perhaps a bit of fun disagreement) when options are before us.
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    Default Re: Can we get an Update please?

    Looking forward to the next steps as well!

    (Grant, I'll send you my new address when I know it in a couple weeks!)
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