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    Default The Contrast of Fragrances

    I'm posting this to elucidate a great fragrantic mystery. Why fragrances that simply stink at the top, become so lovable in the drydown, and most especially why do we love this kind of fragrances more than the others. There are many examples coming through my mind at the moment, like : The Dreamer by Versace, A*MEN, Terre d'Hermes, Body Kouros, and the list is huge. Or maybe fragrances that you hate at first, you love even more when you 'get them'.

    My theory is based on this quote:
    "without the bitter, baby, the sweet ain't as sweet." from Vanilla Sky
    The bad top notes, unwrap a beautiful drydown, and by the law of contrast the beauty of the drydown enhances.

    Am I making any sense to you ? Either way, I'd love you to share you experience and knowledge.
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    Default Re: The Contrast of Fragrances

    This has personally never happened to me.

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    Default Re: The Contrast of Fragrances

    Yes! I had several experiences. Aramis New West was one of them. Disgusting topnote it has. It was a blind buy for me. If i wanted to sniff it before buying, never i could not have it. What the good chance i had !!

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    Default Re: The Contrast of Fragrances

    I'm not chemist/perfumer but I brought up a question in another thread which is this - is the reason for bad topnotes that lead to great mid-base notes possibly that it's simply a byproduct of the particular ingredient. like the perfumer knew full well that the top stinks but the ingredient has such a nice mid or base that it was worth including?
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