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    Default Sample programs?

    Can we compile a list of perfumers who will sell you several samples or give them for the cost of shipping?
    I know about:
    Keiko Mechiri
    Juliette Has a Gun
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    Default Re: Sample programs?

    Czech & Speake, Ormonde Jayne and Ineke also offer a sample program.

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    Default Re: Sample programs?

    I know that Serge Lutens, Hermes, Penhaligons, Diptyque, and Annik Goutal will all send samples free of charge.

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    Default Re: Sample programs?

    Creed has a sample program at his online boutique. The price is compared as TPC, but in your next fragrance purchase the samples price will be deducted from the final price.

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    Default Re: Sample programs?

    Andy Tauer, Frederic Malle, Brecourt that's what i know so far.

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    Default Re: Sample programs?

    I still think your best bet, if you're near decent stores, is to get to know the SA's. Buy a cheap candle or a scented soap every now and then, or buy other non-perfume stuff from your favorite perfume SA (I get my shampoo and and hair stuff at Barneys from the perfume people, so they know me as a constant customer, even if I very rarely actually buy the expensive perfumes they give me samples of). Many companies are exceptionally generous with the freebies once you're an established customer (Creed, Bond No 9, By Killian, Serge Lutens, Diptyque, L'Artisan, Malle, Tom Ford, Jo Malone, and most nicer stores have little empty vials that they can make samples with of just about anything if they know you're a serious customer).

    The best sample value online is Aedes de Venustas with their 7 for $15 sample program, which includes very very very expensive perfumes that would cost that much for one or two little samples on TPC. But if you pick up a soap or a candle or something from them, the 7 samples are free.

    Oh, and once you have samples you don't like or are done with or if you get doubles, check out the swap forum here. A few of us have very cool sample swap threads (shameless plug! ).
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