Ok, so i've used the search feature and am pretty well versed on the communities thoughts on the best way to store fragrances. I would just find a cool/dark place but my situation may require a bit more.

I live in Los Angeles in an older, uninsulated house, so when I'm gone during the day and the house is all closed up during the spring/summer, the temperature can get up to 90-100 degrees inside, and then it cools back down at night. I'm worried that this significant temperature fluctuation will toast my new fragrances.

So, I then looked into wine coolers, but from the sounds of it, they lack compressors and use some other cooling technology which I though I remember reading somewhere (maybe here?) that they aren't strong enough to offer enough cooling power (which I'd probably need if I need to get it from 90 degrees down to 50 degrees. So I started looking at regular mini-fridges (without freezers), something around 2 cubic feet, but find that many use voodoo technology as well like "thermoelectric cooling technology."

So I guess my question is two fold:
1. Is my assumption correct that I need a cooling unit with a compressor?
2. Does anyone have any recommendations for fridges that have worked for them?

My apologies if something along these lines has been asked before or if its posted in the wrong spot, but thanks in advance for any help.