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    Default Expert advice needed!! :D

    I am an absolute newcomer to this world, and I am fascinated with the descriptions of and the rhetoric involved with describing scents. Consequently I don't know how to describe what I need, but I shall try:

    I used to like heavy, musky, 'manly' scents, sometimes sweet but definitely peppery and dark, and often smoky. I now want to smell clean and delicious, like a newly dry-cleaned cashmere jumper. I want a scent that makes you take a second sniff, as opposed to knock you out unawares. I dont like too strong a fruit note. Id prefer a warmer floral character. I recently bought 'Kiton for men' which I find interesting and right in many ways, but I'm concerned about its die down. Please bestow your wonderful expertise.

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    A great clean scent is mugler cologne. Smells almost soapy but so good

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    Default Re: Expert advice needed!! :D

    White Linen and Pleasures (both by Estee Lauder) are prototypically clean (in the sense of soap). For clean as in "ironed", I second Andrew with Mugler Cologne, which smells like iron steam.


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    Give Prada Amber Pour Homme a sniff... Great clean scent that will last all day.

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