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Thread: Paestum Rose?

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    Question Paestum Rose?

    I am considering Paestum Rose for my next acquisition. I have not tried it, but merely like the notes. Would you encourage me to blind buy or to take comfort in abstinence? Abstinence from the fragrance, that it.
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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    N Tesla, I would not consider this a blind buy at all. It is a beautiful fragrance, but it is not for everyone - including myself. I liked it at first, but since then I have found the incense to be intrusive and harsh. The rose note is beautiful though.

    BTW, I've got my almost full bottle up for swap, so that is an indication of how I feel about it. Just don't have to have it anymore. Try to get a sample for sure. I keep going back and forth on this one, but certainly don't buy 100ml blind. Decant, maybe.

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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    I don't generally think blind buys are a good idea, but this is a very good fragrance. Both my husband and I like it very much.

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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    No, I certainly wouldn't. My rule is that perfume must be 'charming'. Well, I think Paestum Rose is good but lacking 'charm' somewhat... let me put it this way.

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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    It's ok but Lyric Man is a much better rose in that vein - or Lyric Woman, for that matter. Aedes des Venustas is another Duchaufour scent that is rosey and incensey, and may be worth a sniff, too, although it's more incense than rose (more like a toned down Jubilation XXV w/ more rose).

    I think even Ungaro III is more charming than Paestum Rose, and is but a fraction of the price.
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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    PR it's a nice one to try but not for a blind buy( I have to be sincere and admit that I'm doing perfume blind buy quite a lot). Fully subscribing to Larimar and SculptureOfSoul on PR

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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    I was set up to love this one from the start - Douchafour, gothic dusty roses, that purple typographic packaging, those woody/incensy notes, ahhhhh, but... I didn't. It's just that little bit too ascetic to be instantly loveable. I think it's one of those scents that needs to be diffused widely over skin rather than miserly dabbed from a sample to bloom fully, and learned to love in the fullness of time. If I could blind buy it, I would, just to see if I'm right.
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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    I am not a fan of the Eau d'Italie line. None of them seemed FBW to me. Having said that Paestum Rose is very nice and i like it best out of the whole line. I also think Petra Ichor has something with letting this one loose as a spray rather than a dab. But I have a sample of PR and you are welcome to it, if you like. In fact, I have samples of every one in the Eau d'Italie line. You are welcome to those as well. They are fine fragrances...just not my thing. And I have been wanting to send them to someone who might want them. If those samples interest you, PM me and I'll get them out to you.

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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    Not a good candidate for a blind buy. I instantly hated this one, the first time that I sampled it. Only much later on, did I find it even marginally wearable.

    It is a sour, tart, incense-y rose scent. There is NOTHING, IMO, that smells like this. It's unique. But hey, get a sample.
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    Default Re: Paestum Rose?

    I think it is beautiful, but then I have an affinity with/for myrrh.
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