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    Default Initial Fragrance Lineup

    Still kind of new to the whole fragrance thing, but I've been sampling a ton and come up with a list of fragrances that I enjoyed. I wanted to get the forums thoughts on this "starter" wardrobe to see if it covers all the bases in terms of occasions/seasons etc. Also to see if anything is duplicative or if I am missing a key type of fragrance. Bear in mind that I live in Los Angeles, so the times where it is particularly cool are fleeting.

    Here is the lineup:
    Malle's Musc Ravageur
    Versace Pour Homme (similar to Chanel Allure Sport, but I think the drydown on VPH is better for warmer weather)
    Creed's Aventus (my favorite thus far of everything I've sampled)
    Gucci by Gucci (decent for cooler weather?)
    Armani Code (might be too popular though)
    Chanel Allure Homme
    Millessime Imperial
    Different Company's Sel de Vetiver (my favorite vetiver fragrance, wasn't a huge vetiver fan outside of this one)

    Any thoughts on anything else I might try as a substitute or addition to the list above would be appreciated!
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    Default Re: Initial Fragrance Lineup

    It really looks like a good list to me. Good quality scents, a range of different ones, and best of all ones you've researched and even tested. Having tested and figured why Versace PH is better for you than Chanel Allure Sport is exactly the king of nose using the scent hunt is all about. Huge scent rewards come to anyone who follows your example in this experimentation and testing.

    Armani Code might be too popular, yes. But it smells good. I smelled it on a guy some time ago, asked what it was, and was really impressed. I can't think of anything to exactly replace its effect, but I think in the category of general all purpose scent for any day any occasion anything, which is what Code fits, I'd replace it with a traditional men's edc style neroli or citrus scent. Maybe Roger & Gallet Extra Vieille, maybe Givenchy Monsieur, and maybe Dior's Eau Sauvage.

    Also, I used to wear Chanel Allure Homme and like it, but I think anyone should be really careful with it. It wore me out to its sweetness. After wearing it a few weeks or so I was suddenly sick of the sweetness I found so cloying suddenly six or so hours after I put it on. I couldn't wait to get it off me and retire the bottle. Lots of people don't have duplicates of this experience of course, so you might love it forever, but since I'm writing I say be careful and make sure you like it on you for a full six hours 'cause it can strike me as dreadfully redundant.

    Also for new collections I usually advise people to look to add a scent from a different era, something from some time ago. I'd tell you the same thing. A wardrobe should have different years represented as much as different categories.
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    Default Re: Initial Fragrance Lineup

    Thanks so much for the thoughts Dust...very helpful!
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    Default Re: Initial Fragrance Lineup

    You have a pretty well-rounded list IMO and any additions would pretty much be personal at this point on your part.

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    Default Re: Initial Fragrance Lineup

    Leather and woods seem two areas absent from your current lineup, but this may well reflect your tastes. You seem to gravitate towards "fresher" and cleaner types of perfumes, broadly intended (the exception being Musc Ravageur, of course). If you've followed recent threads, Knize Ten is an excellent leather (though hard to find); Aramis would be a more easily accessible perfume in that direction.

    In the "fresh" field, dustB gave suggestions for more citrusy scents; you also seem to lack fougere-types of perfume, an example would be Azzaro pour homme.


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    Default Re: Initial Fragrance Lineup

    The first area I would suggest is the "clean" category. I'm thinking Mugler's Cologne, any of the Gendarme lineup or even Tommy T. Those are good day time scents and living in a warmer climate like you do, could find a home in your wardrobe.

    I'd also suggest seeing if you can sample and then acquire (at TJ Maxx or some place similar) a bottle of Halston Unbound. Many here, including myself, reference it as the "poor man's" Acqua di Gio, but it has a nice top note of watermelon that you may find pleasant.

    Finally I'd suggest sampling L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme and Truefett & Hill 1805, both of which are full of bitter citrus that makes them bright and very well suited for hot weather.

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