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    Default memoire Liquide Perfumes Essence

    Mémoire Liquide Perfume Essences

    Memoire Liquide - No. 105 Mystére du Maroc Parfum

    Dark sweet Moroccan Rose Petals dance in exotic ritual behind a sheer veil of Arabian musk.

    Memoire Liquide - No. 120 Fleur D'Oranger Parfum

    As the sun falls, Orange Blossoms release their intoxicating and heady aroma into the dusky shadows of night, enchanting those who cross its seductive path.

    Memoire Liquide - No. 205 Vanille Florentine Parfum

    A unique symphony of exotic Vanilla accords, Florentine Iris and warm resinous notes composed in dreamy harmony.

    Memoire Liquide - No. 400 Fleur des Tropiques Parfum

    An intensely appealing, stirringly heady lei of Island Gardenia, Tuberose, Tunisian Jasmine, Frangipani, Ginger Lily, Ylang Ylang and Plumeria.

    Memoire Liquide - No. 412 Fleur de Tabac Blond Parfum

    Timeless and modern, the mellow sophisticated scent of Flowering Tobacco is at once warm and cool.

    Memoire Liquide - No. 422 Gardénia D'Amour Parfum

    Legendary deluxe Gardenia flowers float in an unabashedly feminine heady elixir.

    Memoire Liquide - No. 900 Champagne et Mure Parfum

    A classic sparkling Kir Royale; refreshing, dry and subtly touched by sweet berry accords and a fresh lemon twist

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    All added to the directory, waiting for approval.

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