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    Default Coniferus+incense+sandalwood

    What to try for this combination?

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    Try Memoir Man. Sandalwood is listed in there but it's the coniferous opening then frankincense that are the main players.

    Maybe the CdG Incense Series? I think Zagorsk is the greener one?
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    Parfum d'Empire's Wazamba.
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    Wazamba, Zagorsk, and Fille en Aiguilles, with the proviso that sandalwood is less prominent in any of them than incense and conifer.

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    Default Re: Coniferus+incense+sandalwood

    Quote Originally Posted by ajmc View Post
    Parfum d'Empire's Wazamba.
    This one.

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    Does Tam Dao meet the requirement for this combination?

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