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    Default Signature size limits

    Its been noted that some members signatures are getting a bit long. They need to be no bigger than this black thing here:

    We will be adding some functionality to automatically limit sig size next week, but please adjust yours prior to then to ensure it says everything you want it too. Please also read the rules about sigs here:

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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Much appreciated, it's got to the point where pixel-by-pixel, signatures take up more space in a thread than the thread's content. 75 pixels is reasonable.
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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    That sounds reasonable to me. (hmm. Will have to check mine...) Smaller type sizes will work fine and allow one ever-growing link to fit should it run over one more line!
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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Finally! Thanks Grant.
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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Thanks Grant !
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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Thank you very much. Some signatures seem ladder, those don't finish .

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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Quote Originally Posted by kbe View Post
    Finally! Thanks Grant.
    Loving your literal interpretation of the signature!

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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Good idea, the self promotion was getting out of hand.

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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Good work Grant, and I like Kbe's sig too.
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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    I'm so on board with this one... although obviously it's a negative for mine
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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Its a good idea, for sure. I've even put one person on ignore because of the size of their signature ( although it wasn't just the size that made me want to put that person and their "signature" on ignore).
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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    Glad to hear it. Those long sigs are tiresome when scrolling basenotes on a tiny screen, such as tapatalk on an iPhone for example, and the sig goes on and on and on and... plus you've read it 100 times before.

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    Default Re: Signature size limits

    lol MY BAD! hahaha fixing it now
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