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    Question Wardrobe size limited at 131 fragrances?

    Hi all,

    I frequently rate fragrances directly on their pages in the fragrance directory. At first everything worked well, and the ratings showed up in my wardrobe as well.

    All of the fragrances I rated during the last couple of weeks however do not show up in my wardrobe anymore. If I go to the fragrance pages in the fragrance directory pages (f.e. for 360 Perry Ellis Men), the ratings still show up correctly on these pages, they just don't appear in my wardrobe - there it remains with 131 fragrances.

    Is it a bug, an intentional limitation or am I doing somehow something wrong?

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    Default Re: Wardrobe size limited at 131 fragrances?

    Hello, I'm adding to bug tracker and will look into it. There shouldn't be any sort of limitation

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