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    Default Article: Behind the counter: Lemon Wedge's guide to the scent / food connection

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    Thanks for this. Can we have more from Lemon Wedge, please!

    I can't say gourmand scents are amongst my favourites, although I do, of course, love the smell of food.

    What I find curious is why certain foody smells - like the vanillas, coffees and sugars - are labelled 'gourmand', whereas others - like cumin, cinnamon and lime - are not.

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    @Persolaise - My guess is that cumin, cinnamon and lime are not "dessert"-based (as in your typical sweet-foods smells). Rather, they're spices (cumin, cinnamon) with distinct pungent, earthy overtones. And lime (a citrus fruit), has an acidic, sour fresh quality to it that seems outside the more sweet, dessert-like range.

    So basically, "gourmand" only seems to be a label for dessert-y sweet smells.

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    I can't say that perfume makes me want to nosh, but I have noticed that many Basenotes members seem to enjoy plenty of tasty foods, as evidenced by the What are you eating/drinking? thread!

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