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    Default Midnight In Paris EDP

    Hey guys,

    I have a good sized decant of this ( Thanks Will ) and today was my first full wearing of it and i am totally floored at how much i am loving this scent! I am horrible at explainnig notes , but i can say it defintely meets the claim of smelling like blvgari black, but more wearable imo. Its very elegant smell and honestly has a niche like feel to it...i might have to pick up a bottle of this when my decant runs out.

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    It's well worth it IMO - the EDP that is.

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    It's well worth it IMO - the EDP that is.
    Yes, very little price difference compared to the EDT and i much prefer the EDP instead. I still have a gift card for 100 bucks for Neimens i've been holding on to and was going to use to towards Millisme Imperial or possible Aventus. Of course i'd have to throw a good amount of money on top to get one of these, but i'm considering just going with this....too many decisions! lol

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    I much prefer it over Bvlgari Black.

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    call me crazy, but i get a similiar vibe to Reflection man in this as well. Maybe its becuase i just purchased RM and that scent it stuck in my nose lol but it seems to have some similiarity...

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    I like the EDP a lot. But did not feel I personally needed to buy it since I already own Bulgari Black. Trying to eliminate "redundant" purchases - I don't need to spend $100+ for something similar.
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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    I only have the EDT which I am absolutely in love with, but I really need to get my hands on that EDP! It's absolutely my favourite fragrance in a long, long time.

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    I should mention that Bulgari Black isn't sold over here (Ireland), so I've never smelled that one. I'd love to though.

    *hint hint*

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    For the people who own the EDP, what is your method of application. For it being my first time i applied it like a typical frag, i went 2 to the chest and one spray at the base of the neck and back of the neck. Seem to work well so far.....

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    I love the edp, was one of my best purchases of 2010. Altough it has a similar vibe to bvglari black, for me this one is more complex and seems to develop more on skin too, and seem to last better than black on me

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    I enjoy both the EDT and the EDP. I think it is quite different from Bulgari Black, especially when smelled side by side. The rubber note is not present in Midnight in Paris. I find MiP to be more elegant. Bulgari Black is a more casual scent.
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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    This stuff has great longevity but really does sit close to the skin. No one really noticed it today so i would say projection isn't really there, but what a gorgous smell...

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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    This is kinda a high-jack, but where did you guys get the EDP from?

    I think luckyscent stocks the EDT but no EDP.

    I live in Australia so this one has to be bought online. Which sites stock the EDP version?


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    Default Re: Midnight In Paris EDP

    I wore the remaining 0.5 ml of my Midnight in Paris EDP decant this morning, and it was projecting very well in its first 6 hours. It's been 11 hours now, and I'm still getting whiffs of it. I really love this perfume and want to buy a bottle right now. I haven't seen the EDP version on Fragrancenet or Beautyencounter, so I guess I will have to pay retail for it. Does anyone have any Luckyscent coupon(s)?

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