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    Default Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    On my other thread I had mentioned that I was trying out summer fragrances like bond no.9 fire island and jil sander's sun. The thing is, I was looking for fragrances that smelt like summer and suntan lotion. The only problem was I had no clue what suntan lotion smelled like. So I stopped by my local Walmart (not really local because its nearly 45 minutes away) and purchased/sniffed the coppertone, hawaiian tropics and banaboat suntan oils and lotions.

    First thing I found out was that coppertone doesnt smell anything like hawaiian tropics or banana boat. So I now understand why people have very different recomendations for the suntan lotion scent. Secondly, the fragrances on these products are strong when first put on then quickly fade into nothingness. I guess this is why people want to trap the scent in a bottle.

    So far I have only received my samples of bond no. 9 fire island. The rest should get here today or tomorrow. I wasnt able to stop by a walgreens and check out the bain de soeil gelee to compare it to Fire Island. I can say that Fire Island and coppertone have a lot in common. They both have that creamy lotion sunscreen scent. Coppertone is a bit more citrusy while Fire Island is like perfumed makeup mixed with sunscreen. Nevertheless, this is not the scent I was going for.

    I like the smell of Hawaiian tropics and banana boat. They smell coconutty with vague fruity and maybe floral notes underneath. That is the scent Im looking for. I tried going to B&BW to try out the coconut scents and was disapointed. They discontinued the Exotic coconut which was suppose to smell like suntan lotion. The other three are not what i was looking for, but I do like the Hawaiian Coconut scent.

    So what suntan lotion or very coconutty scents would you all suggest that arent too expensive? My only preference is that they dont have lime or smell like a pinacolada. I was going to purchase Harajuku lovers G but too many reviews said it smelled like a pinacolada and thats not what Im going for.

    Hopefully, I'll get over my summer fragrance obsession soon.

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Just one more thing. I know about Estee lauder bronze goddess but its not that easy to find or inexpensive now. Also, comtoir sud pacifique has gone up in prices since they switched to glass bottles. So it will be awhile before I get to Coco Extreme.

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    First, I have not smelled these and can't say whether they smell like the lotions you like-- but they sound like they would smell good:

    1. Comptoire Sud Coco Extreme:

    "Coconut and Vanilla, CSPs two most desired ingredients, are the inspiration for Coco Extreme. Coco Extreme combines the fruits of paradise with fresh island breezes for the ideal balance of creamy sweetness, warmth and relaxed sensuality. Mid-notes of almond, hot milk and powdered sweet, flaked coconut invite the beholder to travel to paradise with you. Base notes of candied sugar, gentle tropical breezes and black vanilla pod finish this exotic blend to create paradise in your everyday world."

    2. Comptoire Sud Coco Figue:

    "Escape to your favorite tropical mirage with this blend of warm sensual coconut, satisfying fig, and soft sweet vanilla sugar. Top Hote : Fig, Vanilla Flower, Coconut Pulp Heart Note : Almond from Tonka, Coconut Powder Base Note : Fig Leaves, Coconut Milk, Caramel, Vanilla from Madagascar Available in 100ml"

    (If you do buy from Beautycafe, use "Basenotes" as coupon code for 10% discount; also, they ship free for orders over $50.00.
    Disclaimer: I am not associated with Beautycafe. I've bought from them a number of times and been quite happy with my purchases.)

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Another Bond you may like is Coney Island. It also smells a lot like suntan oil of some sort. It is more in a male cologne style. Very fresh.
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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    How about Datura Noir by Serge Lutens?

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Yves Rocher has a coconut/noix de coco scent I believe. I have one from he Plasirs line and it is straight up coconut. I find that layering that with their monoi de tahiti oil is particularly beachy since it has the tiare flower in it.
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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    You may like Vanilla Coconut by LaVanila, found online and at Sephora stores. It is mainly coconut with a vanilla base and some tiare flower... a very warm and summery scent which could be just what you are looking for. I have the "rollerball" version, which sells for $19, thereby fitting your requirement that it not be too expensive. I got it because I too was looking for a suntan lotion scent, and found it definitely fits the bill for me. If you have a Sephora near you, it's worth going in to sample it for free.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, this scent has no lime in it and does not smell like a pina colada! :-)

    I'd like it even more if I could find a coconut/banana scent, because for me that is the true suntan lotion smell, but so far I've been unsuccessful.
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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Neonatura Cocoon by Yves Rocher

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Sicily by D & G. It may be discontinued though. This reminds me very much of Hawaiin Tropic.
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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Beachy by Lilly Pulitzer
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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Diesel Zero Plus for women.

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Yves Rocher's Coconut/Noix de Coco is very nice. I also like their version of Monoi oil, and that scent also comes in a body spray.
    +1 for the EL Bronze Goddess is you can find it.

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    I have a suggestion for a cheap little thing that smells like suntan lotion and coconut. Avon Tahitian Holiday. The opening is not all that great but once it settles it gets much better. Perfect for a certain time of year when you need a bit of summer on your skin.

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    Jil Sander - sun

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    If you dont mind a little corriander thrown in to the mix Honore Des Pres Love Coco will be worth a try

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    A scent that I really like is Vanilla Coconut edp by Susanne Lang. You can find it at Luckyscent or on the Susanne Lang website.

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    If you can find a bottle of the original first Instant Vacation scent by Avon/Mark, that is a delightful happy summer smell, and cheap.

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    Default Re: Very coconutty and suntan lotion scents

    I had a similiar coconut suntan lotion craving last year too. Bronze Goddess had long sold out for the season ( the BG 2011 version is now available online at the EL website with free shipping for $55.00). I'd sheepishly sample Harajuku Lover's G at Macy's but I just couldn't bring myself to buy that plastic doll. The coconut in G is the note I had been craving (like the coconut in Hawaiian Tropic) . I picked up a 1oz Miami Glow by J.Lo and it has a nice coconut note too but it lacks that suntan lotion smell. I've never tried Sun by JL but I don't see coconut listed in the notes.
    I think I'll buy BG early this year before they sell out. I'd love to read about how it goes for you.
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