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    Default Insense by Givenchy

    I recently made a blind buy with Insense by Givenchy. When I received it I got this bottle.

    I bought it because the reviews were good, and I really fancied a floral fragrance for men.
    I didn´t like very much Insense. It smells like my Boots body cream I would say, I know its harsh... but that is what it reminds me of... I want to know your opinion on this fragrance. Do you think its any good??

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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy

    Never saw it in this bottle before.

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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy


    Do you think its any good??..../QUOTE]

    This seems to be new bottle (non les Mythiques) Givenchy frags come in now. I have smelt this version of Insense and it is not any different from the one in the original bottle which i own. Insense is a very nice-smelling and very well blended floral, IMO. However, whether you would like it better after your initial impression is totally up to you.
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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy

    There was another recent thread on insense. I like it a lot, it is floral but strong and intense, very masculine. Perhaps you were thinking about more traditional woody roses, or may be rich smooth things like Amouage Gold men.

    I've never tried Boots body cream, but if it smells like Insense, I definitely have to try it if I ever go to the UK.


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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy

    One of my favorites from Givenchy.
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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy

    It took me two years to come to like it - but I still don't consider it one of my real favourites.
    Perhaps it will grow on you with time.

    The only ultra floral men's scent that I really liked from first sniff was Trumper's Fougena. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't think much of it.

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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy

    I'd probably just as soon wear something marketed to women than this.

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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy

    Givenchy's best fragrance, imo. Probably not something I would wear everyday, though.
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    Default Re: Insense by Givenchy

    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    One of my favorites from Givenchy.
    Agreed, Petrccijc. I love this stuff!

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