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    My opinion of these reproduction "Our version of" fragrances (that's
    stretch) is that, for the most part, they are extremely low quality,
    short lasting, tacky products. It should be considered illegal to
    sell as it could be detrimental to the real thing. A young cousin of
    mine proudly displayed to me his recent purchase of one such
    I think it was supposed to resemble Drakkar. I realized it's what his
    income allowed but it was lesson time. After squirming with disgust,
    towed him back to the store with the receipt and got him the real
    mcCoy (the small one of course). I'm satisfied that I've got young
    grasshoper off on the right road with my little investment. I don't
    believe that it's conceited to want a long lasting quality product.
    There's little possibility of projecting a positive image after
    drenching yourself with this crap. Anyone had a similar experience?


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    Default WANNABE'S

    [email address redacted] at [email address redacted] said:

    Unfortunately a scent can't be copyrighted (AFAIK) so thats how they can get
    away with it.

    Many of the wannabe's I've tried, smell okay at first, but after a while,
    they turn rancid or just dissapear.

    The best things about them are the names though..

    Pizazz - Jazz
    Timmy Holedigger - Hilfiger
    Manager - Boss

    etc, etc...

    Anyone else had any experiences with these Wannabe things.


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