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    Natural hair and natural nails. I had my hair very long until I've turned 14, then chopped to mid-back, and then shorter. I let it grow now and then just below the shoulder blades, then get bored with it and get a bob or some variation of it. Never had a desire to have fake nails, find them harsh looking, IMO. Had false eye lashed done twice. It was fun, but no thank you, would not do it again any time soon.

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    Default Re: fake or natural!

    Agree with many here, it hair dye/extensions/straightening/etc., no fake nails, no beautifying surgeries.

    I have black hair with some pretty dramatic silver gray, which I started to get at age 16. Whenever I've messed around with hair dyes, I was disappointed in the result and didn't feel as much myself. I also missed the almost daily compliments I get on the black/silver thing I've naturally got going on.

    That being said, I love makeup. I find it relaxing and fun to apply and play with, and that it really helps me feel more awake and together and puts a pep in my step. Works better than coffee in the morning. I do it for me, not to impress anyone or because I feel I have to. And I definitely tend toward a more natural look overall, though I adore a great red lipstick and colored eyeliners (not together).
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    To me, there is a difference between temporary dramatic makeup (for face or hair) and the over the top world of hair extensions, plastic surgery, and fake nails.

    Makeup is fun - and removable. The other stuff screams hollywood insecurity / " trying too hard" and that is never attractive to me.

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    I would like to say I was natural as I don't wear fake nails, eye lashes or extensions but I do dye my hair and like to look pretty with my make-up. Agree with the comment above 100%...make-up is fun and can be removed whereas the other stuff is more permanent and a bit vain (I am talking mostly about things such as plastic surgery and the likes). Don't get me wrong I agree with plastic surgery where it is needed e.g. bad accidents but just to change your nose shape because your not happy with it being OTT.

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    Default Re: fake or natural!

    Quote Originally Posted by gandhajala View Post
    For what it's worth, as a (straight) man, I personally find the 'natural(ish)' look far more appealing.

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