Hey guys,

I have a little story and possibly a life lesson to share with you all. So today, I found myself in town after university and thought I would take myself into the House of Fraser department store to have a little browse through the fragrance department. After smelling what I wanted to smell, I approached the member of staff in charge of the fragrance department and politely asked them would they happen to have any samples they could give you. Now, you must take into account that I had just got out of university and didnt exactly look a million bucks so why should they give this random guy samples?! The sales rep obviously noticed this and proceeded into a somewhat rant of a reply about how samples cost money to make (seriously?!), how they "dont give them out willy nilly, here there and everywhere" (how are we meant to test them?) and that I simply couldn't have any. Now i'm not the confrontational type, far from it...however on this occasion I didn't really appreciate being treated like a nobody. So I thought I would chance my arm and push the issue a bit and replied to this rant with "oh...thats a shame...I was hoping to buy myself a new Creed but just didn't know what one to go for". At this point with the £120 ($200+) pricetag in her head, the sales rep quickly changed her attitude and said "well we might have one or two...i'll have a look...i highly doubt it though"

End product: I left the store with samples of Aventus, Silver Mountain Water and Millesime Imperial.

Result: Fraghead 1 v 0 Sales Rep

I guess people shouldn't judge a book by its cover! Hope you all enjoyed this little tale