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Thread: Gucci Envy

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    Default Gucci Envy

    this is one of my favourite frags of all time, but i find it really hard to discern its notes. the only one i can pick is a lily-of-the-valley.

    does anyone know the notes?

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    Default Re: Gucci Envy

    hi odessa,
    I was going to refer you to the BN directory but was surprised that the notes weren't listed there. Here is what is listed on Perfume Intelligence:
    Created by Maurice Roucel; a fresh woody oriental floral parfum with green top notes of hyacinth and magnolia, heart notes of lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and violet on base notes of iris, musk and precious woods. This fragrance expressed the new modern identity of Gucci. Presented in a stunning minimalist bottle reminiscent of a modernistic skyscraper, a possible reflection of Tom Ford’s architectural training. The advertising was overtly sexual

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    thanks knit_at_nite! most helpful. I was also suprised that the notes weren't listed on basenotes. maybe we can fill them in now!

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    Default Re: Gucci Envy

    Gucci Envy is extremely well-blended. I can't really pick out many individual notes either, but I love the overall composition. And "woody oriental" would be the last descriptive I'd think of! O_o
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