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    Default What should I do?

    I recently purchased a sample size bottle of jil sander sun off of ebay. It only cost me roughly $15(that includes s/h) but I am not happy with it at all. First the product leaked all in the bag and the bottle was wet and covered in the perfume. Next the juice inside is a dark dark amber/orange and smells like cheap perfume and pee. Now that I look at other bottles of jil sander sun they dont look anything like what I purchased. Also the bottle doesnt even say Sun either.

    My question I guess, is this product really jil sander's sun? If it is, I guess it is really old and foul and I shouldnt worry about complaining beyond my feedback. If it is not then I will complain since ebay has eBay Buyer Protection that will remiburse me for products that didnt accuratley go along with their descriptions. hey I could put that $15 toward a big bottle of something i actually want.

    here is the link of the product i purchased

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    the day that purchased this nothing else really popped up on eba . Now today when I check they have lotions and shampoos and everything else on there. i would not have gone this route if I saw more on ebay that night. Plus this thing took forever to get to me.

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    Default Re: What should I do?

    The thing to have done would be to contact the seller first, tell them the problems and ask for a full refund including original shipping upon return of the damaged item (you could also request return shipping but not demand it, as eBay does not require the seller to pay for return shipping.) Under the circumstances the seller might have been willing to pay return shipping or even just tell you to keep the damaged goods and refund you, to avoid the possibility of getting a negative feedback.

    Feedback should be the very last thing you leave, after the transaction is complete. If the seller made you whole, you could have avoided leaving the negative.

    However, since you gave negative feedback already, the seller now has no motivation to pay for your return shipping.

    You can and should file an SNAD dispute with PayPal ("significantly not as described.") Do not communicate with the seller directly, but only through the dispute console. Escalate on schedule as they direct you (I think you have 20 days), and when PayPal tells you to, ship the damaged goods back to the seller with delivery confirmation. The DC is vital-- if you cannot prove to PayPal that the seller received back the goods, you will not get a refund.

    You will have to foot the bill for return shipping but should get back your full initial payment.

    If this happens again, contact seller first, be polite, don't mention feedback, and see if you get cooperation.

    Another thing-- the feedback a buyer leaves reflects on them as well. The seller will likely leave a reply to your negative along the lines of the reply they left to their other negative, that it would have been nice if you had contacted them first. The negative you hastened to leave may cause other sellers to block you. No one wants a buyer who is quick to neg when there is a problem.

    This probably isn't what you wanted to hear, but it's what you need to hear. Next time, communicate and resolve the issue. Even a good seller can have an item break in transit and even a good seller can have a spoiled item, but negatives are very damaging to sellers; eBay is a hostile environment for sellers these days.
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    Default Re: What should I do?

    Danny, Your mini is not the perfume Sun.. In fact is actually the very rare and very valuable, long-ago-discontinued Jil Sander Bath and Body!
    Here is some:

    It would make sense it was badly turned; it must be some thirty years old.

    It was a sort-of understandable mistake on the part of your ebay seller, since they both scents came in white porcelain glass bottles. At any rate, you can easily demand all your money refunded based on its being the wrong scent altogether.

    Lots of luck.

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