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    Question Fragrance similar to M. Kors Hawaii?

    Hi all -
    I'm totally new here so hope I don't breach any basenotes forum etiquette!

    I tried a search for this and went back a few years, but found nothing (other than Hawaii wants to ban odors on buses - LOL)!

    Anyway, do any of your fragrance gurus know any scents that smell similar to Michael Kors' discontinued Hawaii? Short of spending $199 for a questionable bottle of Hawaii on Amazon, I think it would really be best if I could find something similar to replace it, but all my searches have turned up nothing.

    Second - less important question - has anyone tried M. Kors new Palm Beach fragrance? Just stumbled across it in my other search and it also has a top note of orange, so I thought just maybe it might be something I liked since I liked Hawaii.

    Thanks so much -


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    Default Re: Fragrance similar to M. Kors Hawaii?

    Hey, Vicki! Welcome to Basenotes!

    Looks like an interesting fragrance. You can still get samples for $4.00 on Amazon, and they're likely to be authentic. From there, you could probably sniff and compare to find something similar. I've never smelled it, so I can't say what it's like.

    We do have some independent perfumers here who might be able to come close to it from the sample, or who could tell you what's close, if you're really interested.

    Judging from our reviews and the notes given, I'd say that you want to look at neroli citrus scents, possibly with a pineapple note, and definitely with jasmine and maybe lily. They also mention balsamic notes - which is probably why the one reviewer was getting furniture polish. ;-) The closest thing I have to this is probably my Creed Neroli Sauvage, but I doubt that would be quite what you're looking for. I think what you want is going to be lighter with some brighter citrus and light florals and a bit of pine.

    Again, welcome to Basenotes, and best of luck! -Red

    PS - I did sniff a magazine insert of the new Palm Beach - and I was very impressed. I am definitely going to look for it in the stores.

    PPS - another interesting scent - somewhat stronger and more pineapple/papaya - with a BIG Hawaii vibe, is Neil Morris Hula. Not so much on the orange or neroli, however. My favorite pineapple scent is Aventus, by Creed. Technically it's a masculine, but my wife loves the stuff, and it's almost girly, so you might want to check it out. Expensive, but nice. But it doesn't have a Hawaii image going for it, IMO.
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    Default Re: Fragrance similar to M. Kors Hawaii?

    Hi and welcome to Basenotes!
    I haven't smelled either of the Kors scents but if you can't find a replacement bottle, test these out for the beachy vibes:

    Squeeze and Beachy, both by Lily Pulitzer
    Havana pour elle (pineapple note)
    Liberte by cacharel (candied orange note)
    Oro by Roberto Cavalli (coconutty)

    Hope you find what you are looking for !

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    Default Re: Fragrance similar to M. Kors Hawaii?

    Thank you both so much for the quick answers and ideas! I'm going to check out some of the suggestions mentioned. So disappointing that the best fragrance I've found over probably the past 10 years was limited edition and discontinued! I loved it for summer but unfortunately only found it right as it was being discontinued!

    I'm open to suggestions from anyone else too while I'm investigating these suggestions!

    What a great site this is - I'm not really a perfume aficionado, I save my obsession and budget for trips to Disney, but I'm impressed with the knowledge here - it's been very helpful.

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