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    Lightbulb I Just Have To Wonder.

    I just have to wonder, after perusing the "today I bought" threads, just how much money as a group that Basenoters spend. I rather think that we represent a significant chunk of change for us versus the general public if you average the per member purchases to the per rest of the world purchasers. Also, Basenotes has become so widely known as a research and opinion resource that there has been an affect on purchases made by non-members who read our threads. Do not underestimate our personal contributions to the world of fragrance. Our passion matters.

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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    It's scary. Sometimes I think I'm the main reason some of the local shops remain open!

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    I've curbed my fragrance buying simply because my current temporary location has nothing more than mainstream scents. I have done my part supporting the local Chanel counter though !
    Back home , with so many temptations I spend a lot on perfume.
    I agree about Basenotes , D . I'm proud to be a member of this great community .
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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    We spend thousands of dollars, which is why I think it is shameful how some companies are so stingy with comps (samples or bottles). Guerlain, OTOH, comps lavishly for good customers.
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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    I have kept a spread sheet of my purchases since Sept 2009, mostly for info on the scents themselves. But I am quite afraid to actually total the purchase price and shipping columns.

    LOL On the men's side of the boards, money is also being spent, but it seems many fear they are buying fake juice; there there are so many threads on that topic.

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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    I do not have the income I once had so buying for me comes in cycles. If I love and know I must have I will save for a fragrance. I have bought quite a few recently from Honore des Pres because they where just so cheap in a sale. I did actually like the ones I bought I have to say. Yes I search ebay for bargins of ones I am interested in. Also I have to say the price has gone up on so many fragrances now they are out of my reach.

    Oh how I miss decants being sold on ebay!!!

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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    I really don't buy a huge amount of perfume and those I do buy are
    usually heavily discounted or ones I have saved up for and decided I
    can't live without.
    I also have around a hundred samples/decants gifted by generous
    friends on Basenotes or POL , so I really should use those up first before commiting
    to other purchases.
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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    I am slowing down on purchasing simply because I am in a location that does not have as much variety as I would like. I have spent a lot in the last couple of years, but now what remains are scents I am not so interested in. Now if I could get ahold of some Carons and older Guerlains.......... . .

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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    Quote Originally Posted by N_Tesla View Post
    Also, Basenotes has become so widely known as a research and opinion resource that there has been an affect on purchases made by non-members who read our threads. Do not underestimate our personal contributions to the world of fragrance. Our passion matters.
    Not saying that it is not true, but how did you figure this? How would a person end up reading BN if they were not already interested in perfumes or had plans to buy something? Besides, BN-ers have fairly diverse tastes. IMO, a person just stumbling upon BN would not be met by an unanimous voice that directs them one way or the other. I agree that BN (and other similar boards or perfume critics) has some buying power and the ability to sway opinions to some degree, but in the great scheme of things (irony) it's like a bucket in an ocean. Let's not get over ourselves.

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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    I still think just a drop in the bucket for the overall perfume market....
    I sell Avon and was looking at their financials - worldwide in 2009, 7&a half billion dollars of revenue in beauty, including makeup, skin care and perfume. If even 20% of that is perfumes, they had 1.5 billion in perfume sales in 2009. That's just Avon.

    I do think the people on this board, though, are like the leaders or trendsetters market maybe? Like the people you'd watch when you are looking for new ideas, or trying to decide what might work, or early signs of things that will later become trends in the general population.
    And also are a core group in terms of open-mindedness toward scents and willingness to buy things to try them.

    So yes are very valuable.

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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    I've backed off purchasing at the pace I had been for the first few years on Basenotes. One reason is I now have my own small lake of juice wanting my attention. Another is that I am finding it more and more difficult to find the enthusiasm to locate frags that really catch my fancy as unique and excitingly different takes on scent.

    Oh, I know there is much greatness lurking out there, waiting for me to recognize it and thus snare me-but I am not looking as hard as previously to obtain and sniff samples or testers of 'new' or classic frags I have never tried.

    Much the same thing happened long ago to me with wines. I was originally so taken with wines as a noob I was buying and laying down wines at a pace far beyond my future ability to consume, and with the noob eye on the more expensive and so I thought 'better' wines. Now I have found that the number of excellent and immediately drinkable wines in the $10 and below range readily available far exceeds my desire to buy and drink. And then there is my cellar stock..

    I find a parallel in my life with fragrances. There are so many wonderful fragrances available now and becoming available almost every day, enough available at what I consider reasonable prices from Houses, Basenotes Sale Threads and discount retailers that it is like looking at the shore of a continent from an approaching ship. It appears endless. And then there is my wardrobe..
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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    As I'm unemployed I spend very little (of DH's hard-earned cash!) on fragrance. If I earned my own money I'd buy more, but not a lot. Like Kbe, I'm swimming in fragrances that I need to wear and enjoy. More is not more for me right now, though I will always enjoy sampling. I sample so much that I don't use up full bottles. I feel myself backing away from the fragrance passion anyway, at least in its commercial aspect. I'm sure it's just a phase, but I do feel that there are more important things in life I need to devote my time, energy (and money) to. I think I could go back to owning just a few bottles, certainly no more than six, and be perfectly content. I have sampled so much - and I rarely find a niche scent that I love more than a more mainstream one. My favorite fragrance for the past two or three years has been Estee Lauder Pure White Linen. And some Chanel offerings. A few classic Guerlains. A few classic chypres. I have not loved any other fragrances as much as these. I also share the wine/perfume connection. But my attitude is buy 'em and drink 'em (or wear 'em, as the case may be). We may not be here tomorrow to enjoy them.

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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    You're a thinker, N_Tesla. Certainly my interest in fragrance and thereby my fragrance shopping have been sustained and stimulated by BN. I'm a frugal person overall, but what I put out for fragrances is disproportionately greater than my other spendies.
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    Default Re: I Just Have To Wonder.

    I've slowed my spending down a lot in the last few years as well. I have so many bottles, I feel guilty adding many more and just try to enjoy what I have, add a bottle or two a year only. I also live in a place where niche brands/ exclusive releases are extremely limited. I won't buy really expensive scents unsniffed and I am reluctant to pay so much for decants just to get a sniff of something. I do love to go sniffing when I travel though, but rarely come home with a bottle. It's rare to come across something both unique and awesome smelling to me given the size of my existing stash.
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