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    Default MPG's Ambre Precieux


    Tried to look for more info on this one, but no luck apart from the BN reviews and a few others. Could someone who owns this shed some light on longevity and projection. Have a sample of Annick Goutal's Ambre Fetiche and decided I'd like something sweeter, and Ambre Precieux seems to fit the bill, so would be nice if you could share your thoughts, good and bad, on this one.

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    I have it and love it. My personal favourite amber scent. Sweet, soft, enveloping. Stays fairly linear, but that's just fine.
    Lasts many, many hours and is certainly no skin-scent.

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    Default Re: MPG's Ambre Precieux

    I haven't sniffed ambers in a while, but I don't remember it being all that much different than the Goutal; pretty much straight up amber with just a touch of herbs.

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    It's not simple amber (get Ambre Extreme for that) but is very amber-centric. It adds some balsam and some gentle herbs. It is -- as amber-centric scents often are -- sweet, but not syrup-sweet.

    I think it's a beautiful fragrance. Longevity on my skin is 16 hours and, on cloth, it lasts for days.

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    Default Re: MPG's Ambre Precieux

    Great scent. A wonderful amber.

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    How about the vanilla at the base? Is it as prominent as it is in Musc Ravageur? Or does the amber overpower it?

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    It's a wonderful amber. The vanilla is just a sweetener. It's stays an amber scent all through the progression. I recommend you buy a small sample from Lucky Scent, or a similar vendor and try it yourself and let us know how you like it.

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    It is a very enigmatic and addictive scent. Longevity is superior, especially when you spray on lasts for days. Projection is very good. It smells like kind of medicinal-amber which I enjoy so much.

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    I don't have much to add to my review in the directory, except to respond to the OP's specific queries:

    Yes, it projects well, and it is very tenacious.

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    My favourite Amber. Lasts a whole day and somebody asked me once I was wearing it :"Have you baked a cake?". This answers both questions on projection and sweetness.
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    It's my favorite amber. I love the aromatics in it, particularly the lavender.

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