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    Default Three by Krigler

    Since Krigler scents are not well known, and are not fully listed in the directory, I thought I'd post my thoughts in the three I have recently sampled.

    Lieber Gustav
    Meant to evoke 1910's Berlin. Rich & woody.
    Notes: lavender, black tea, leather
    The juice is a light violet colour! Has a rich and spicy quality. Opulent leather with a hint of vanilla. The tea must have cream and a dollop of honey in it. The lavender note is excellent but short-lived. The leather note is likewise very good (and I'm not particular fan of leather notes). Some truly fine wood notes. I'm surprised I like it to this point. Eventually the scent gets too sweet and vanilla-centric for me... but I enjoyed it for a while.

    Cozy Cedar Wood
    Notes: cedar, cypress, rosemary, nutmeg, incense (perhaps myrrh).
    The juice is a light green colour. The scent is good, but not what I expected or hoped for. I was looking forward to an amazing cool resinous cypress note with some warm cedar note. This is very warm, powerful spicy-incense scent. It is very similar to MPG's Eau des Îles. This is real old-school and packs a punch. The scent is more "cozy" (spicy warmth) than woody, so the name is bit misleading. I like it -- but it is so similar to Eau des Îles (which I have) that I see no reason to get this. And, while it has some incense brightness in the extreme dry-down it is not coniferous in any sense.

    Good Fir
    Notes: green incense (probably frankincense), vetiver, musk, pine needle.
    Every Conehead needs to check this out. Note that this has pine needle as its basenote. I can attest that the pine has unusual duration -- it appears instantly but does hang in there to a greater extent than I have seen in many other scents. Actually, the pyramid structure (in terms of development) doesn't apply here. The grassy vetiver appears immediately, along with green notes and pine. In the early going, the pine is so astringent that some will find it challenging. Even I had to admit that it does suggest Pine-Sol, and I've never said that about a pine scent before. The scent is simple, with cool, dry and piney notes. The vetiver deepens and at times has its usual salty-iodine note. Musk appears in the drydown. I've tried it twice. I'm not head-over-heels for it, but it is pretty good.

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    Default Re: Three by Krigler

    Does anyone have any more information on this house? What's their story? Why not really mentioned much here on BN?

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    Default Re: Three by Krigler

    I think our the_good_life might have some input on these and the history of the house. They claim to have had some illustrious customers.

    OdyM, thank you for posting the scent notes and descriptions. These seem right up you alley!
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    Default Re: Three by Krigler

    I ordered some samples from them a couple months ago, and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed overall. Almost all of them are overrun by a modern musk note that billows and overtakes everything, at least to my nose. This was true on paper or skin, so it might just be a chemical that I'm a bit sensitive to. Based on reviews I've seen others don't have this same issue, at least to the degree that I do.

    Anyway, getting past that issue, they seem to be old formulas or recreations of what some older fragrances were said to smell like, only using newer materials. I say this b/c they have a certain vibe to them that reminds me of some older or more off-beat Creeds, but with a musk note that reminds me of laundry detergent. They're more "niche" than say older Guerlain or Caron, to my nose. I ordered three samples, and they sent me one freebie (America One):

    Cozy Cedar Wood was the biggest surprise and the most disappointing to me. About all I can smell is "musk," maybe with some cedar and spice. I definitely do not get anything that smells like the description, and even wondered if they sent me the wrong sample. But the juice is the right color compared to all their other offerings, so I guess it has to be right. A better name for what I smell in this one would be Cozy Cashmere Musk.

    America One was also disappointing, for the same reason. Here, at least the other notes play some role. It's citrusy, musky, and strong. One reviewer on one website mentioned that this is what boxes of clothes that she used to get shipped to her from America years ago when she lived in Russia smelled like. I can buy that - it's sort of like a very bright, citrusy laundry detergent smell...again, IMO. There's a touch of cumin here and there, making for an odd mix when it comes into the picture. I guess this is what Krigler is calling "contrasts."

    Good Fir was actually pretty solid and worth sampling. Though again, the musk note is just too prominent in my opinion. Not as much as the previous two I mentioned, but still there and grating to my nose. As Ody says above, the pine note is VERY piney. If it weren't for the musk, I'd like this one.

    Established Cognac is the last one I tried and my favorite of the four. The cognac note is really, really good...very much like a good cognac with a fruity/raisiny and almost chocolaty smell. It develops into a nice woody note that has a bit of "dustiness" to it. Unlike the other three the musk did not dominate, though I think there is a bit there in the background. The only thing that kept me from buying some of this (aside from price!) was the longevity. It just did not last long at all. I usually don't have big problems with longevity, but this one was really short-lived. Also, it stays very close to the skin.

    So, all-in-all, I did not have a great experience with these. They are interesting and worth checking out if you like niche with something of an old-world twist. If you're anosmic to this particular musk, you might be in for a treat - I really can't say!

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