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    Default Need help on what to keep...

    Hey everyone. Been here for about a year and this is my first post I'm starting! Been commenting on and off on different things but I finally have reason to post something new.

    Ok so heres my situation. I love Creed. I know some will say blahh broaden your horizons and Creed sucks everything is better well I LOVE IT so I'm going to keep buying it!
    People say the scents arent good (i think they are), the publicity they reach for is goofy (I know it is), and the bottles are overpriced (I agree they are).
    Anyway, I have a lot. I recently won four 1oz. bottles on ebay. I've been buying slowly ever since 18 months ago when I bought my first bottle of SMW, which I still have. Heres what I have in the Creed department,

    -1 oz. and 2.5 oz. of GIT. Both Fresh from 2010.
    -1 oz. and 2.5 oz. of OV. One from 2004 and one from 2009. Both smell the same and I store safely so age shouldnt matter too much.
    -(2) 1 oz. of VIW. Both from 2008.
    -1 oz. of Himalaya from 2009
    -2.5 oz. tester of MI. Not sure on year but it's the new design.
    -2.5 oz. of Erolfa from 2010.
    -2.5 oz. SMW from 2008.
    -Also have a 20ml decant of Windsor which is kinda my Holy Grail fragrance right now.
    Have OS on the way. Excited for that!
    I also have a couple that I dont wear but got for a good price,
    -2.5 oz. bottle of Les Floralies
    -(2) 1oz. of Acqua Fiorentina.

    I'm sure all these are authentic as they smell as they do in the Creed store plus I've done the giant checklist (cap detail, sprayer, lot#, so on so on....)

    Anyway! I'm not posting here to show off my collection. I need help deciding what to keep.
    Here's what I'm thinking.
    I'm definitely selling Erolfa, I love the scent but it simply doesnt last. This is the only Creed I really have a big problem with. Shame too cuz it smells great.
    Definitely selling one of the VIW. Heres where it gets tough..
    Do I sell the big or small of GIT? I'll use this more exclusively for probably special occasions.
    And do I keep the newer smaller of OV or keep the bigger older one? I'll proabably wear this one more often since I really do love it.
    My top three just to put it in perspective are as follows:
    1. Original Vetiver
    2. Silver Mountain Water
    3. Green Irish Tweed

    So do I keep them all? Lol. Any contributions are nice but keep it positive I dont need everyone telling me whats better than Creed. I'm sure theres nicer stuff out there but I'm 18 and have a long life ahead of me to explore.

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    Default Re: Need help on what to keep...

    I would keep the larger OV and the larger GIT. Like you, also like Creed.

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    Default Re: Need help on what to keep...

    That's what I was thinking...might keep the little OV too just to put next to the little OS

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