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    Default New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    I was given a sample of this "floral oriental" yesterday & I'm pleasantly surprised. Am going to give it a full wearing today. There is only one (positive) review in Basenotes directory so far. Anyone else tried this/have any opinions ?

    Notes are listed as-
    Top: davana oil (?), baies rose, ylang ylang.
    Heart: geranium bourbon,rose de mai, jasmin sambac
    Base: patchouli, sandalwood,amber crystals

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    Default Re: New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    I'm also really, really interested in hearing what others have to say about L'agent. I'm a HUGE fan of the original Agent Provocateur and Strip, and the rauched up version DD. Please anyone who has tried this do comment!

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    Default Re: New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    My all-time winner in the Agent Provocateur line is Maitresse.

    Very white floral and aldehydes. Tacky bottle but wonderful scent inside.
    "That lover which is like fragrance
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    She who hides in the flowers
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    "Chaiyya Chaiyya," from the film, "Dil Se."
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    Default Re: New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    Hi! I just went to the AP store yesterday and sampled the L'Agent perfume. I should preface this by saying that I absolutely love the original AP parfum and the Eau Emotionelle is my 2nd fave. I absolutely love the dirty, sexy rose scent. I'm not a particular fan of Maitresse or Strip - they are both beautiful fragrances, but they're a bit more on the spicy side and a tad overwhelming for me. The L'Agent also seemed very spicy . The AP ladies were laughing because I kept saying "I want so badly to like this!" The dry down (2-3 hours post-spray) seemed to soften slightly and a little more vanilla lingered. I'm definitely willing to try it again because I really really want to like it and I think that perhaps I was a little too liberal on the spritzing (2 spritzes on the wrist) which is what made it overwhelming I'd be really interested to hear other people's opinions though!

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    Default Re: New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    I'm wearing L'Agent today and I find it incredibly rich, dark and complex scent! The opening reminds me of dark leather /suede sharing similarities to DK Fuel for men, which is a bit surprising since there's no leather note listed in the olfactory pyramid - I think it must be the labdanum note. The whole composition is very clever and perfectly blended - it's very difficult for me to pick up any individual notes except for pepper which comes strong on my skin. This scent reminds me very much of Amouage Memoir for woman (they share many same notes btw), but L'Agent is better! And I find it totally unisex or perhaps even more masculine than feminine. Kudos to the brand for launching a scent which bears so much originality and personality!

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    Default Re: New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    Thank you all for your impressions!!! I'll be sure to stop by the AP boutique to get a sniff and will come back to post my impressions!

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    Default Re: New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    FYI all Agent Provocateur perfume was done by Christian V. Provenzano

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    Default Re: New Agent Provocateur fragrance - L'Agent

    I'm interested to try all their scents but don't have a boutique near me. Do they sell anywhere else that I could sniff them?
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