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    i've got a question for those more versed in the ways of cologne than myself, or really just anyone.

    i got my first smell of coty musk today at (random trumpet plays in background) meijer! lol and i got a very smoot calm but warm fragrence. and i really couldn't put my hand on it the only thing i came up with, is "this smells like brut dried down" anyone else come to the same conclusion? or any other conclusions? anything else to add to coty musk?

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    Sounds about right to me. If you like Coty Musk you might also enjoy Pinaud Clubman, which you can find almost anywhere for almost nothing.

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    I really like it. I've been trying to buy it for about a year but it seems impossible to find even at the neighborhood drug store. I see some slight similarities between Brut and Clubman, I think I'd prefer Coty Musk, though. Fabulous longevity.

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    i'll have to buy it then
    what's the sillage on it?

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    You have to realize that all musk fragrances smell different to everyone. There are certain musk aromachemicals that my nose cannot even smell at all (yours too). So that's why you'll most likely find wildly varying comments and responses to musk fragrances. Some people will think they smell animalic. Others won't smell anything animalic at all. And on and on.

    Wild Musk is, IMO, a very barbershop-esque musk fragrance (hot towels, shaving cream, talcum powder) and it's for this reason that I think a lot of men are drawn to it and think it's 'masculine'...even though there is a clear (but tiny) rose note in there too, with a hint of sandalwood.

    If you can find some online (Ebay, etc) try to smell vintage Wild Musk. The bottle looks like this one in this ad. It's definitely going to be less tame...since many of the musk aromachemicals used back in 1973 (when this was released) are no longer used because they've been banned or reformulated.

    FWIW, there's also an oil version of this, in addition to the EdT.

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