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    Exclamation Introduce yourself !!!

    This thread is designed let other basenoters know a little more about yourself and your perfume preferences.
    I will begin, in the hope that others will follow !

    Firstly, I would like to say how sorry I am that so many of my former friends here have withdrawn from basenotes, due to a number of reasons, such as cliquiness, mobbings and sometimes nastiness. I was especially sorry when Narcus withdrew from basenotes,. We lost a lot of invaluable subject matter when he left, as well as entertaining and amusing threads. I personally love to seek advice from experts, at the same time to share my knowledge, but I detest big heads and adore modesty. So hopefully in a modest way I will begin with myself.

    IŽm english, born in London. I studied art, then spent many years in Berlin. For 2 years I worked in the LŽOccitane Boutique there. I then opened a shop called "Savon" which, as you can guess from the name was specialised in soaps. I ran the shop for 5 years, branching out into discontinued and hard to find fragrances and I also had a perfume organ where customers could create their own fragrances, bath and massage oils etc.
    I now live in France, in the Provence where I produce my own handmade soaps, sold on the local markets. I am starting to have some success, because my soaps do not contain any synthetic perfume or colouring. They are 100% natural, which is a rarity these days. I have just started selling them in England and hope to expand.

    My interest in perfumes began as a student and I began more and more to search for and collect discontinued perfumes, rather than collecting the modern available stuff. I love a lot of the niche perfumes, but my money is
    still solely invested in rare and discontinued perfumes. I have a handful of niche and a handful of modern perfumes.
    My collection of discontinued and rare perfumes has grown to over 500 which is why I do not list a wardrobe.
    Amazingly I am still always finding new "oldies". My most recent discoveries were vintage bottles of Nomade and Chevalier from DŽOrsay. I hope soon to start posting photos of some of the bottles and the perfume descriptions which come with them. The description which came with Nomade was incredible, proudly presenting itself as "a strange perfume". I also discovered recently a vintage Lancetti Uomo in Eau de Parfum format. Pretty remarkable, because I always thought that Heritage was the first mens fragrance to do that.

    I am always grateful for the help and information provided by fellow basenoters and hope in some way that I also contribute. I would now love to hear about you and your interests !
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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    I always find it interesting to hear how someone began their interest in fragrances and how it led them to Basenotes.

    As for myself, I stumbled upon it when looking for a discontinued fragrance -- only to find it really is discontinued. I stayed because I found that there are so many other fragrances that I can enjoy. And there is always something new being made.

    I also used to dabble in perfume making. Dabbling being the key word here. In my college days, I was walking down the sidewalk one rainy day, and a woman breezed past me. She smelled really good! So as we were kind of heading in the same direction, I followed her. I saw her duck into this shop, so I followed her inside. It was kinda creepy, this tall skinny staircase led up to a loft on the second floor, and there emanated all these wonderful smells.

    It was an essential oil shop. And this woman had come there specifically to refill her bottle of personalized scent she had made for her. I remember she described it as a mix of oak moss and tonka bean among other things.

    The shop owner was incredibly generous. She spent some time to educate me about perfumery. Top notes, middle notes, base notes. She gave me a booklet she had made of the different essential oils and the origins. It listed their indigenous uses, and also unwanted side effects.

    Anyway, after that I came to have an appreciation of perfume making, beyond my previous, "Gee, that smells good. Ew, that smells bad."

    And so, when I found this community of smellers, I was home.
    "Embrace those things which give you pleasure, after all, there is so much mediocrity to endure elsewhere." -- Inselaffe

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by david View Post
    My collection of discontinued and rare perfumes has grown to over 500
    I would love to see a picture of your wardrobe
    Creed Aventus lid wanted: please pm if you can help

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mervin View Post
    I would love to see a picture of your wardrobe
    I will post, but I think it will be more than one photo.
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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mervin View Post
    I would love to see a picture of your wardrobe
    I would love to hear about you and your perfume interests !
    " Only wimps swim with the current "

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by david View Post
    I would love to hear about you and your perfume interests !
    Well I have only really started getting into the whole fragrance scene so my nose is still in the early stages of developing. I originally started around November last year when I got bored of the very few fragrances I had back then and decided that instead of aimlessly going into a store and buying whatever was popular, I would do some research and see what was good. Little did I know that when I stumbled upon this website I would be transforming from simply looking for a new fragrance to actually becoming more and more involved with fragrances. I now accept fragrances for much more than what I did back then. Before I use to think of fragrances as something which just make you smell good both to yourself and to those around you, however fragrances are much more than that. They are tuned to your emotions and when you find a fragrance that you really connect with, it makes you that little happier every single time you apply it.

    I'm currently still at university although as a post-graduate in the process of studying for a PhD which I do get paid to do. However, this leaves me with the dilemma or either buying one niche bottle (of which the only ones im currently interested in are Creeds because my nose isn't that mature) every once in a while or a designer bottle every 2 or 3 weeks. I have pursued the designer route for now because of this but I managed to get my hands on Creed's Millesime Imperial for a very reasonable price from a fellow Basenoter. I suppose that once I obtain my PhD and enter the real world of employment where I will hopefully be earning considerably more cash my fragrance interest will further take off. In the meantime I am pretty much limited to what I previously said with several niche samples and possibly decants thrown in every now and again. I hope to obtain some sort of sample/decant of the Creed's currently available that interest me, particularly VIW, GIT, Windsor, Tabarome and Erolfa.

    Anyway, I hope that as I continue through my fragrance walk that I will not only gain more interest, a better nose and a bigger wardrobe but that I will also gain a few friends along the way. People on this forum seem to be outstandingly more generous than people on any other forum i've been involved with and even more generous than the majority of people I would class friends. Several people have provided me with cheap fragrances as mentioned above and others have kindly sent me samples of fragrances that aren't available in my local area or just samples for the sake of it. Basenotes is definitely a great forum with a great bunch of members and I can't express how glad I am to have stumbled upon it that day I was simply looking for a new fragrance.

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    Creed Aventus lid wanted: please pm if you can help

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    I've been into fragrance since I was about 10. I owned 2 small fragrance companies in the 80's and 90's. I am now back to being just a consumer and hobbyist. I have about 200 fragrances, plus a large collection of essential oils and fragrance chemicals. I don't do much composition anymore. I love Basenotes. I've been a member for a while now. If ever I can be of help, please let me know!!

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Thanks Mervin and mrclmind for sharing. I hope many other members will share about their backgrounds and perfume preferences/passions in this thread !
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    Quote Originally Posted by david View Post
    This thread is designed let other basenoters know a little more about yourself and your perfume preferences.
    I will begin, in the hope that others will follow!

    Very interesting read david.
    - Expect the unexpected

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Thanks Flaconneur, please tell us a bit about yourself and what type of fragrances you are interested in !
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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Born and raised in London and Cambridge, UK, spent 4 years in Bristol for university before coming over to the US for grad school last July. I'd say I've got a scientific mind, an artistic soul and an epicurian's tastebuds and olfactory bulb. I like the beautiful things in the world and I like understanding how they work. During the day (and too many of the nights) I study the chemistry of the Earth's interior. The rest of the time, I use my nose, mouth and ears to enjoy the world.

    My interest in scent started in the world of wine in late-2007. I was lucky to have a lot of friends in the world of wine sales and tasting, so had the great privilege of tasting a huge range of things, from Sainsbury's Basics red table wine, to 20-year-old, just-bottled, Soviet-era Moldovan Cabernets, to old vintages of Chateau d'Yquem, barrel samples of the latest Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhone vintages etc. I set up and organised wine tastings and, developing an interest in social psychology, played around with the specifics to see how people would react to, say, white wine dyed red (copying a great study done before), putting cheap wines in expensive bottles (another great study), blind vs. non-blind tasting, etc.

    From the world of wine, with brief forays into the worlds of whisky and brandy (thanks to friend who was a completely insane and borderline-alcoholic collector of such things), I eventually found myself in the perfume section of Selfridges. I'd bought my first perfume in 2006 (Paul Smith London), and been monogamous for 3 years, vaguely interested but never seeking things out, but now I found myself smelling all kinds of amazing things I'd never heard of or thought to give a chance. Things slowly gathered pace and, in mid-2010, I smelled Chanel's Pour Monsieur (not the concentrée), my epiphany perfume. A month later I smelled Ambre Sultan (my stage 2 epiphany perfume) and from then on I was completely, irreversibly hooked.

    Some of my favourite notes are pepper, frankincense, amber, ginger, orange, oakmoss, mint, rose, jasmine and sandalwood. I have a love-hate relationship with tuberose, orchid and vetiver and can't decide whether I love or don't care about iris. I like vivid citruses but find a lot of citruses these days to be pretty insipid. I think Acqua di Parma fly the flag for no-frills, excellently produced citrus. I tend not to be a big fan of aquatics and have had little luck with fougeres, though a recent sniffing of Azzaro Pour Homme did make me think twice.

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Hm.. about me. Well, I've always been "in tune" with my senses. This permeates everything I do, and is probably a big part of why I enjoy fragrances. Music, fragrances, food, and art are all things I am immensely interested in. I'm currently attending college and my major is Print & Web Communication Design. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it.

    My first experience with fragrances came when I must have been 4 or 5. I was so interested in the bottles and how they looked. So colorful, so much variety, and they have smelly stuff in them! I sprayed one, Michael Jordan for Men, right in my face. It wasn't until I was around 9 or 10 that I started getting into them. I tended to just wear whatever my brothers had, which wasn't much. I wore Nautica Classic mainly, because that's all I could find. I then started to buy little minis from Wal-Mart with my weekly allowance. I ended up only purchasing one full bottle, which was Candies for Men. I stuck with it for a couple of years, but then I found a bottle of Fierce. So I kind of went back and forth. I went on Basenotes for the first time to try and find something I'd like, and saw a lot of good reviews for Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme. So I got it! Unfortunately it ended up being too mature for my tastes. Around this time I just got a lot of cheapies and whatnot, until I got caught up in the Axe craze.

    Then I snapped out of it. I wanted a new fragrance, and came here to ask for opinions. I ended up getting 212 on Ice, despite the vast majority of members saying to get Gucci Pour Homme II. I should have listened. Now my 212 on Ice is for sale, and GPHII is the closest thing I have to a signature scent. As for preferences, I don't really have any. As long as it isn't linear, and as long as it doesn't seem one dimensional. By that I mean a fragrance that focuses around only one note. For warm weather I reach for light fragrances that are made up of fruits or florals. Maybe even both if I can find one that I like! For the cool and cold weather I enjoy heavy and rich fragrances. Ones that are sweet and almost edible. Since I've tried so many fragrances, I'd like to think my nose is at least a LITTLE bit more refined than it used to be. I tend to enjoy well made designers, and accessible niches.
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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    My dad inspired the "stylin" in me, and probably the interest in scents. He was in advertising in Detroit and a bit of a "Mad Man: (A bit TOO much actually). He didn't dabble at nearly the level we all do, but he was always swapping around with the current offerings of the time: British Sterling, Brut, English Leather. He would not wear Old Spice- he considered that "old." My grandfather wore that- and ONLY that.

    My first experience with a scent of my own was Hai Karate. Contrary to the infamous marketing campaign, women were NOT inspired to attack you. Or if they were, it was only to beat the shyt out of you for wearing that vile juice. It crushed one 15-year-old and sent him into remission.

    But in late teens I discovered Pierre Cardin. The graduated to Polo. Lauren and Calvin Klein seemed to be the kings of men's scent for a time. I bought most of their new offerings, and was always shifting. Budget for frags was a bit of an issue for many years, and the internet options we all take for granted now were not available. Grey Flannel was a big scent for me at the time too.

    It wasn't until I moved to Los Angeles that I had started to roll with a wardrobe of 3-4 scents. I haunted the men's frag counter at an LA department store called Bullocks which has now turned into a Macys. Every time a bottle ran low, there I was being seduced by a lovely SA into buying the latest new pretty bottle. I recall JOOP on this path. A*Men, Borsalino, Romance, Le Male, Farenheit, During this phase, I do remember Romeo Gigli became a favorite that I rebought a couple of times. That Egoiste commercial sent me rushing to the store. I had someone in my company's NY office on standby to pick it up since it came out in NY first. Who wouldn't want dozens of gorgeous French women that worked up?

    Then- mid 90s, a bombshell of a blonde I knew started gushing and cooing about some new men's scent that drove her crazy. I rushed off to Macys and tried to call for it by name- it was Assay, or Izzy or Miloke or some such. The SA channeled it and I bought L'eau de Issey Pour Homme. While many now loathe this scent (I'm on the fringe with it- kind has a place in my heart), it jump started a more intense interest. Wore it a lot. In the process of buying a "bootleg" bottle of Issey at a discount, another blond bombshell gushed over Boucheron Pour Homme. Into the wardrobe it went.

    The Nieman years started in the late 90s. A very clever SA "turned me out." He always greeted my enthusiastically and got to know my tastes. He had selections of clothes wating for me when I arrived. He sent stuff to my house at times for me to review and return if not wanted. It was just a matter of time before he dragged me to the cologne counter and whipped out the Green Irish Tweed and Bois du Portugal. I don't recall how much of the infamous Creed patter he used, but I was blown away by GIT. Waffled for more than a few minutes- that was around double what I'd ever paid- but I dove in, and gathered several more Creeds soon. Given that Creed was my entrance into niche, I can relate to the many newbies who tumble in here with their infamous Creed queries: Is it a fake? Which Creed is the best? Which one will I like? What smell just like yada yada yada for under $30?

    The biggest turning point came when another SA I had know from Macys fragrance counter tackled me in Nieman. She worked for some company I'd never heard of- Clive Christian. She was very aggressive and twisted my arm (almost literally) into buying the pricey sampler pack of Number one, 1872 and X. I loved X. But I could not talk myself into spending $350 for it when the 10ml bottle ran out. Surely there must be another scent that smells like this for less can I find out?

    Ahhh- the internet!

    I ended up in here, after several detours into "playa" sites all raving about AdG as the best seduction fragrance of all time.

    Still haven't bought the X, and now 60+ new frags later could have bought it many times over. (BTW- I didn't spend many posts looking for a cheaper X- I found too many other avenues to explore). I greatly enjoy the "brother and sister hood" of my fellow fume heads here. I love how international this site is. Frag heads are everywhere. It is a quirky hobby, so it's nice to have a place where hundreds of other people "get it" and and are not puzzled.
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    My first encounter with fragrance was the standard Brut/Old Spice combo
    that many American kids my age were familiar with due to their dads wearing those scents.
    My tastes became a little more sophisticated in high school/college--not by much though to be honest.
    At that time I became familiar with fragrances like CK One, Aqua Di Gio, Nautica, Cool Water, etc. and owned all
    all of these at one point. In the past several years, I pretty much quit wearing fragrance altogether, and
    just used Old Spice under arm deodorant.

    However, a couple of months ago, I was in a local department store shopping for some clothes and decided
    to try a spray or two of some the cologne testers they had. Among the many on display were fragrances like Chanel Allure Homme, Allure Homme Sport, Givenchy Play/Play intense, D&G The One, One Gentleman, Pour Homme, etc.

    When I came to Yves Saint Laurent's La Nuit De L'Homme, I was mesmerized. I sniffed the sprayer and decided
    I had to test it on paper. I walked around with the scent strip in my pocket for the rest of the evening, pulling it out occasionally to sniff it. It was the best fragrance I had ever smelled. So, the next day I had to go back and buy a bottle.

    That encounter has really sparked a renewed interest in fragrances for me. I always enjoyed smelling good, but I never owned more than 4 or 5 bottles at once. in the past couple of months, I've expanded my collection considerably and am really enjoying trying new samples and watching/reading reviews on the internet. I also discovered Basenotes recently and can't express how much I enjoy this forum. I just lurk mainly, reading the reviews and browsing the forum. It's such a great community and a great resource for fragrance lovers. Glad to be a part of the community

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Thanks everyone, This is fascinating reading !!!
    I hope everyone takes part....and tells us their tale.
    " Only wimps swim with the current "

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Let me just say that this is a wonderful thread, david, and thank you very kindly for starting it. I had noticed by your start date that you have been here a while, but had not posted as much in the recent time since I joined. There are probably many others who have only read a few of my own posts, more recently, and are not familiar with my background, nor some of the other members whose prior posts we take for granted in each other's memories. I'll come back soon in another post to say some more about myself, but I just wanted to say thank you now to all of those who have already posted. Even in the cases of people I already know well, it has been fascinating and enjoyable to know them better! I encourage others to take part.
    * * * *

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    Hi ....nice thread....

    I live in Chile and I love fragances....I love to change everytime....I use about 10 bottles per year. I shared with my brother.

    Now I have Voyage d Hermes, Antaeus, Eau Sauvage and The Dreamer.

    I wish to buy Tuscan Soul soon and my 3rd bottle of Terre D Hermes.

    What else....

    My dad is using Polo since the 80s.
    My mom use Cool Water.
    I love to give fragances as gifts....
    Sometimes I m sad because in Chile the market is very little.
    "Burn their homes and churches.Then see if they will not laugh, sing and pray again.
    For when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a new Armenia."

    William Saroyan.

    Using: Antaeus, The Dreamer, Eau Sauvage and Voyage d Hermes

    Wishing: Tuscan Soul by Ferragamo and Concentré d Orange Verte


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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    great thread idea, david

    was never crazy about frags growing up. in fact, i detested the musky overpowering frags most everyone had in the 80's. Avon Musk or darker smells like Kouros were what people wore when I was a kid and being exposed to these hour after hour in a cramped church without AC would make me ill. these frags are interesting now as a frag collector, but they were about as bad as 80's movies back in the days.

    as a teen, i started off with Preferred Stock, Drakkar Noir, Aspen. in college, I did pick up a bottle of Gucci Envy in a stroke of premature genius and quicky exhausted it. then the fragrance world went dark for me for a few years.

    Brut aftershave brought me back. i relocated to Portland, OR and happenstanced upon Le Male. that was typical daily work/gym/social frag and wen through a full bottle quicly. with time and overuse, the relationship fizzled out, along with a near-engagement with a girl that had objections to my career choice at the time. I then found Bvlgari Black and Angel Men in rapid succession and the ex-gf-to-be hated both of them, which is what made me wear them even more.

    I didn't think much about fragrances until Terre D'Hermes came out and that started another more deliberate soiree into the world of frags. I gravitated toward lighter sportier citrus inspired frags like Hermes Orange Concentree, Issey Myiake, Hanae Mori HM, and things like Gianfranco Ferre for Him (new formulation) and Prada infusion d'homme. I enjoyed these as they were the polar opposite of the cloying frags that tormented my Sundays as a child. I came upon Annicke Goutal Eau D'Hadrien and it was love at first sniff. No secret that i'm partial to citrus based fragrances but this evolved into vetiver, pepper, and mint infused scents.

    Game-changers for me were the discovery of Creed. Royal Water's pungent grapefruit got my attention, but I stayed for OV, MI, and GIT. Bond 9 Coney Island was the only frag I discovered while reading a review in Maxim magazine while in some unpleasant lands overseas. I picked it up the first week I returned to the US and has been my signature warm weather summer scent.

    Recent discoveries are the works of Guerlain, Amouage, and Clive Christian. Initially had a tough time with Aventus but I'm enamoured by this scent right now.

    I've been sharing my findings with my younger brother who has been ahead of the game compared to his peers. I hope to learn from Basenotes and was thinking about starting a YouTube frag review vlog.

    What's next? Probably Carthusia.

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    Aww man, your lives are so much more interesting than mine. Gosh darn it.

    My Aunt and Uncle are rich. He owned some restaurants which got me interested in the culinary arts and business. I started cooking and exploring flavor composition and the like. At the same time he introduced me to cologne and personal fragrance which I had never experienced before. It was so high class and foreign that I immediately became fascinated with it. So I began developing my palate and absorbing all the information about fragrance that I could. They were both fun hobbies but school and work took up so much of my time that cooking fell to the wayside. I realized that I do not have the patience or desire to cook as a career so my major hobby became fragrance. Who am I kidding though? Why did I get into fragrance? To impress girls, duh.

    I have an off and on, love/hate relationship with fragrance. I like it a lot sometimes, other times I look at my wardrobe and lament about the money I wasted. Every once in a while I get tired of the whole exercise and unload my wardrobe on some unsuspecting friend who happens to compliment me. ("You smell nice." "Oh yeah, here, take them all.") I'm serious, it's weird. Right now I have a bunch of samples making their way to me and all I can think is, what's the point? But then again, the Packers won, so its not all bad.

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    Perfume was a part of my growing up. I associated it with elegance and it plain just smelled good.

    I would watch my parents prepare for an elegant evening out: Mom in her sacque dress with gloves, matching heels and purse, and Dad in his shawl-collar dinner jacket and cummerbund. Mom would wear Chanel No. 5 and Dad wore something like Onyx.

    I am a heavy perfume user yet do not many any scents of my own, a lot like a certain dandy.
    "No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this." Desert Rose by Sting and Cheb Mami, Album 1999.

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    My love for perfumes started when i was a little girl.I liked to smell all different blooming flowers that my grandmother was growing in small pots in the yard.I watched her planting and i learned all the little secrets for those flower plants.She usually kept seeds from those in a glass jar in her kitchen .
    Her favorites were varieties of carnation and freesa ..
    There were small hills around the place that i grown up...i used to go there with my pals and explore plants and wild flowers...cyclamen ,anemones in autumn and wild blue iris in early spring along with poppies and daisies.Thyme was smelling fantastic while you could find several herbs like absynthous ,chamomile which my grandfather used to collect in May.
    As growing up ,i started exploring perfumes in my aunt's drawer...she kept her perfumes there...i was amazed from those was a fantastic world for me...i was so very curious with the fine perfumes from Paris!I opened the drawer secretly and i smelled them!!!Wow!!
    I knew what i would do when i grow up..."i will make my own perfumes"thought ...well,i didn't exactly what i thought then,but surely i "grow" my own collection of perfumes!!!Plus i like planting my own plants in pots!!!Ha ha!!!
    My sale thread :
    "There are people of spirit and there are people of passion but much less common that one might think. Rarer still are the people of passion and spirit. But rarest of all is a passionate spirit."
    -- Martin Buber

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    Default Re: Introduce yourself !!!

    I have always been into fragrance since I got my first job at 14. At that time it was all designer stuff from Marshall Field's (Macy's) from the same lady who seemed to know a lot more than me about I had crush on her even though she was 20 years older than me.. It started with Hugo Boss "Hugo". I moved on to 212 and Curve...I was looking for new things when I stumbled onto this forum. Even though I love this place, it has fed my compulsive nature. I finally started getting into sampling some niche brands. I like all of the helpful conversation this place provides...sorry in advance for any "noob" questions I ask.

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