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    Have any other Canadians purchased from before? If so, has shipping been any kind of issue (customs/taxes) etc and if so how much were you dinged for. I am considering making a purchase from the site in the future and am wondering how risky a decision it is.

    Help as always is appreciated


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    From their eBay store:

    We currently ship to over 200 countries (except Germany, Italy and France) and most countries allow free trade over the internet and will not charge any customs duty.
    As a gesture of good will, we will gladly reimburse you for any customs costs incurred upon receipt of your purchase. If you are charged customs, please collect the package, pay any fees due and e-mail, fax or mail your receipt to us at and we will refund the full cost. We must receive your receipt within 6 months of purchase to process the refund.

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    from the last purchase i made i was charged around 30% of the total cost of the order.

    They peeled the tape and opened every item up even though it was gift wrapped, i wonder what they would have done if they found a $2000 watch

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    Default Re: Canadians and

    I've ordered from them 4 times, all orders were over $100 and have never been charged tax or duty of any kind.
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    i only ordered one thing from them and had no custom/tax problem. But the samples they provided leaked in the parcel although fortunately, didn't come in contact with the fragrance in any way.

    it took around 3 weeks which was more than i thought, but at least i didn't get charged anything extra

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    One of my two orders from arrived with some Canadian tax charges, I simply emailed them a copy of the receipt and they refunded the charge.

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    had one bottle come through clean and one i had to pay about 19 dollars (both were the exact same fragrance, go figure!)

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