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    Question What type of oud oil has the sweetest scent?

    I'm looking for an oud oil that's similar to what Nippon Kodo Morning Star "Aloeswood" incense sticks smell like. Smooth and sweet not dry or woody. I get almost the same sweetness from Nag Champa--but only if smelled from a long distance (like from another room).

    I can't even find the NKMS Aloeswood incense sticks anymore (they came in the purple box) but that's the type of scent I'm looking for in an oud oil.

    What I've tried so far has been either animalic or very dry woody. Any help?
    Thank you!
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    Default Re: What type of oud oil has the sweetest scent?

    I don't know the nippon kodo. I have smelled a few arabian mukhallat that have a sweet oud. However, the sweetness comes from the ambers (they're amber-oud mixes, not straight ouds). An example would be Mukhallat Shahama by Swiss Arabian.


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    Default Re: What type of oud oil has the sweetest scent?

    I haven't tried the incense you are referring to but generally the "sweetest" ouds I have tried have been Cambodian ouds. A good person to ask is Taha who owns which is a great place to buy pure oud oils. Also the 3 mukhallats (oud-based perfume oils) he has are all excellent. I'm not affiliated in any way but I've purchased from him many times.
    here is the website:

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    Default Re: What type of oud oil has the sweetest scent?

    I haven't smelled the incense you mentioned but if you're looking for a sweet scent with no dryness or animalic notes then a good non-barnyard Cambodian oud is probably what you're looking for. I'd personally consider Oudimentary's KSSS - extremely "clean" oud with spectacular sweet notes at the top and gentle woody base. The price is quite unbelievably low for such a high quality oil, if Oriscent were selling the same oil they'd probably charge at least twice as much for it.

    The last time I bought it a 3ML bottle went for $250 (which IMHO is a deal and a half!), check it out here:

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