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    Cool Parfumerie Generale No.22 and No.25...

    Pierre Guillaume have done two new fragrances for his first brand - Parfumerie Generale.
    Photos are available: http://niemuzycznapieciolinia.blogsp...2-i-no-25.html

    Best Wishes

    What do you think about notes?? 25 has similar photo to Musc Maori, so the next musk??

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    Default Re: Parfumerie Generale PG22 and PG25

    New release from Parfumerie Generale??

    Let me clarify. I found these pics randomly browsing Guillame's eboutique. You have to enlarge any picture, copy-paste its address, change filename (eg. from 22.jpg to any other number) and voila.

    I wonder, is it a new release and I've leaked these photos unintentionally or what...

    What do you guys think about the notes?
    I guess PG22 would be a fresh woody chypre, or something tea based
    and PG25 may be something (I hope not) marine themed.

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