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    Default Day to Night Transformation

    Does anyone have a specific fragrance transformation technique that they use for the changeover from daywear to evening wear?

    I know there's always the option of a shower but say something crops up and you don't have the time to shower? Do you just apply what you wore during the day even if it clearly was a fresh daytime scent or what do you do?
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    Default Re: Day to Night Transformation

    If I cannot shower, and the fragrance is too fresh for evening wear and it hasn't gone yet, I choose to wear nothing. (Referring to fragrance ofcourse )
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    Default Re: Day to Night Transformation

    It's not a problem. For evening wear I usually put on 6 sprays of something heavy. This usually blots out whatever I had put on six to ten hours earlier.

    And if it's Saturday afternoon, I'm going shopping, and I know I'm going out later that evening, well I just reach for my drawer of short lived scents that only last two to four hours. No problem later in the day.

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