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Thread: Scent dupes

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    How do you dupe a favorite scent of yours when you know some of the notes, but not all of them?

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    Trust your nose before you trust the note descriptions.

    What ingredients do you have to work with?

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    I wanted to try to recreate a scent that was discontinued that I love. I posted about it on the forum too, it's Roxy Hula. It is supposed to have frangipani and some type of wood. It smells fresh, young and beach-y. I still have a small amount of it that I could compare to and it's weird that sometimes I am around someone who smells similar to Roxy Hula, I'm kicking myself now for not asking them what they were wearing!

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    ask an experienced perfumer to try it for you.

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    Just a thought, but have you ever heard of Alchemy on With Alchemy you post what you want the sellers there to make, and they bid to make it for you. You could request for someone to make an imitation of this perfume and it would probably be much more affordable.

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    on the subject of duplicating discontinued scents: perfumeprojects offers a service. you mail them a sample and you get a formula + new sample back.

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    Yeah I would definitely be interested in a company that could recreate this scent for me!

    Gido, have you tried out perfumeprojects before? I have heard bad reviews on another site that does something similar, it was called Scentmatchers, so I wanna make sure the service is legit!

    ETA - Ok I checked out the link and saw that they charge $395 for the service! Ouch, I'll explore other avenues...haha

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