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    Smile Chicago Trip - help!

    Hi everyone!

    I live in the sticks, without a lot of fragrance options, so when a trip to Chicago came up with a friend, I immediately started researching! Where in Chicago should I go to try the most options? So far I have Barney's, and probably Saks, that way I can try Serge, Malle and L'Artisan. None of which I have access to in West Michigan. However neither carry Amouage or Agent Provocateur.

    My friend is not into perfumes, so I won't get her to spend an entire day running about, but she'll humor me a bit. Also, we're spending the next day in Schaumberg, so if there's anything there.

    Any advice would be wonderful!

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    Default Re: Chicago Trip - help!

    Check out Neiman Marcus also.
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    Yup - visit Woodfield mall in Schaumburg and check out Nordstrom's, Macy's, and Neiman Marcus. I believe there's also a kiosk of sorts that only sells parfums somewhere in the mall. There may be a Saks nearby, but don't quote me on that. Good luck!
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    Thanks petruccijc and SilverJag. We have a Macy's and Sephora here, but that's about as high end as it gets, so I'll definitely hit the Neiman Marcus, and check for the kiosk. It looks like there's a Chanel boutique downtown as well so I can go drool over the Coromandel and Bois des Iles. Maybe they'll give me samples if i promise to stop drooling on their testers!

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    Default Re: Chicago Trip - help!

    This thread in the City Shopping Guide forum might be helpful:

    Tang's post seems to cover most everything worth searching out. Definitely hit Hermès if you're making time for Chanel as it's not far and they'll have the whole Hermèssence line. Also, like Sephora, Nordstrom will make samples for you in spray vials, so don't hesitate to ask!
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