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    Question Is the alcohol in perfume distilled?

    I have celiac disease and I have to watch with body products because even a tiny bit of gluten getting into my mouth will make me sick for 1-2 weeks. I was told by Jo Malone and Origins that their fragrances contain wheat, which I am assuming is in the alcohol. However, even actual beverages made from gluten-grain alcohols are considered safe for most celiacs IF they are distilled. I would probably still not drink distilled grain alcohols if I drank, but since they are safe, then the tiny amount of alcohol that might make it into my mouth when I inhale perfume would surely be alright, if it's distilled. If not, though, it's not safe. So, does anyone know if the alcohol used in perfume is distilled, the way vodka or gin is distilled, or undistilled like beer?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Is the alcohol in perfume distilled?

    My sister has celiac disease too, and never had any problems with any types of perfumes. Pure alcohol is distilled, it's not like beer. I'm not sure about the US, but in Italy to be certified gluten free, one has to go through very stringent certification processes, that include the fact that production has to happen in a facility where there no wheat is being stored or processed (even if in different products). For this reason, many producers do not want to go through the burdensome certification process, and so do not carry the label even if the products are perfectly safe. As usual, the legal department is pretty strict on this. In addition, this means that if a product is made with wheat, even if it ends up not containing any particle of gluten, it cannot be certified gluten free.

    So I wouldn't worry about perfumes. Besides, anytime you enter a supermarket, you're already breathing and inhaling small particles of wheat, with no consequence. Enough worries with the food you put in your mouth already.


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    Default Re: Is the alcohol in perfume distilled?

    I would guess that the alcohol used is of a pharmacopaiel (sp?) grade, which will be distilled.

    Good luck

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