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    Default Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    Better explained in numbers.

    - 30 days ago I had (1) trusty scent in my wardrobe (Bvgalri Black).

    - Then I discovered Basenotes. This is where the adventure begins.

    - Was carried out on a stretcher 4 times out of Sephora for overdosing.

    - Smelt over 200 + bottled scents in store.

    - Picked up 43 samples/vials from discovered designer / niche houses.

    - Physically visited (12) niche houses shops and talked to a 22+ people in the industry.

    - Read hundreds of Base Notes database reviews (60hours).

    - Researched and mapped 17 individual Base Noters wardrobes.

    - Bought 7 bottles (total 350ml) in a 3 day shopping frenzy.

    - Have targeted additional must buys 11 designers and 16 niche bottles.

    - All just to create (1) a basic wardrobe.

    - For (1) person???

    - Result: Starting to find my own way now BUT above all having fun.

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    That sounds awesome actually. I have a list a mile long of scents I want to sample and buy, but with no disposable income I can't get anything.

    What are the 7 bottles you purchased?

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!


    Missing: fainting from Stendhal syndrome in the Serge Lutens Palais Royal store.
    Things you can do only in Paris, of course...


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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    What scents do you actually enjoy?

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    First off I decided to get TM's Pure Malt then I quickly quenched my thirst with Penhaligon's. Douro (liked it so much bought a back up) - Blenheim Bouquet - Castile - Racquets Formula and last and not least surprise Violetta (bit different).
    Finished with Penhalogon's now moving on too Serge Lutens. Testing at the moment Arabie, Ambre Sultan, Serge Noir, Cuir Mauresque, jeu de peau, gris clair. Probably go for Cuir Mauresque, Arabie, gris clair and jeau de peau. Also got in my sights Musc Ravenger, Epice Noir from FM and Tonka Imperial from G but like anything else in life we all have to struggle making ends meet so gotta be a bit more realistic and slow down.

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    Moneywise, you should then explore Patricia de Nicolai. She sells 30ml bottles as well, which are inexpensive. Many stores in Paris, I think the main one is rue Poincare/Victor Hugo.


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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    I did they were on my list did "niche" players in order of visit Serge Lutens- Rossine - Nicolai - Penhaligons - Jo Malone - Annick Goutal - Francis Kurdistan - Frederic Malle - Maitre Parfumer + Gantier - Montale - Diptypque - L'artisan - Guerlain - Chanel
    have a couple more to go. Probably go back to Nicolai and take a closer look at their Patchoul + New York scents.
    Highlights that have stuck out Cuir Mauresque, Arabie, jeu de peau, Musc Ravenger , Lime Basil + Manadarin, Black Oud, Douro, Blenheim, Duelle, Sables, Absolue Le Soir, Twill Rose, Tonka Imperial, Cuir de Russie and in the shop Sephora - Rochas Men, Burberry London - Chanel Homme intense - Opium Perfume - Mugler Cologne.

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    You live in the right place. Visit the Creed Boutique in Paris when you have a minute, and Le Labo. You should try Rose 31 and Patchouli 24.

    My only suggestion to you is to slow down on the purchases. Your tastes will change as you get more experienced and some of the things you bought won't smell as good as before.

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    Dont get me wrong its not all high end or all French. Also want to look at Lorenzo Villoresi and ask BN,s for retro decants of Yartan, Caron for Homme, Kiton, Tiffany for Men, Givenchy Men, Aramis (Vintage) etc...

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    ofc your right Adonis. My tastes will develop with my nose. Looking at whats excited me at the moment is the "bang in you face" stuff, different scent factors. Tends to be heavy and loud. Later I can imagine its going to be more toned down with a broader in-depth appreciation.

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    Default Re: Finding myself ? Let the adventure begin!

    I encourage you to keep going with the sniffing and moving through the houses.
    Where I'd caution you is to go through all this round 1 to highlight the few that catch your attention. then focus on those ones and sample them properly and only then buy bottles. You might have a discerning nose, the inclination to be a collector, plenty of money, etc... but as others have said take it easy on the purchases since you tastes may start to change.
    at least in my case, I like to work through everything first to I've smelled all the X's (eg vetiver, amber, oud, etc) until i buy the 2-3 that really stand out for me.
    Tom Ford Splits:Noir de Noir, Neroli Portofino, Lavender Palm, Plum Japonais, Champacca Absolute, Tobacco Vanille ONE LEFT: Italian Cypress, Patchouli Absolu, Amber Absolute, Tuscan Leather, Oud Wood

    Most of the time I am very proud of the Basenotes community. Time after time I have witnessed the thoughtfulness, empathy & genuine friendship that members of this community extend to others - oldtimers & newcomers alike. There are other times, however, when egos get the upper hand and civility goes out the window. My philosophy is that I won't say anything here that I would not say if you were standing in front of me. Welcome to Basenotes, each and every one of us. ~ TwoRoads

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