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    Default Sublime - EDT or EDP?

    For those subliminally inclined, which do you prefer and why?
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    Default Re: Sublime - EDT or EDP?

    I have and love both, the EdT is amazingly potent and long-lasting. Jean Kerleo (also the nose behind Yohji) seems to know the secret of making scents that last and last and last, even in EdT form.
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    Default Re: Sublime - EDT or EDP?

    I have the edp, which is very good. Also have the spray parfum, which I've heard is discontinued (but still available from

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    Default Re: Sublime - EDT or EDP?

    OK - I'm resurrecting this thread which is ages old....but the title is identical to my question!

    Which do you prefer, EDT or EDP? I have an opened EDT and an unopened EDP (both original Patou, not P&G) and it's killing me not to test the EDP against the EDT....but if it's just a stronger version of the EDT, then I'll just wait until I use the EDT up (which will of course never happen b/c I never finish a bottle)...ugh...

    Oh - and another question. I know the EDT has the whitish cap and the EDP has the gold cap, so does that mean that all minis with gold caps are EDP?

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