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  • Five O'Clock Au Gingembre

    7 25.00%
  • Kyoto

    9 32.14%
  • Douce Amere

    8 28.57%
  • Tam Dao

    8 28.57%
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Thread: ..a help please

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    Default ..a help please

    I would be interested in which of these perfumes is more popular

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Douce Amere gets my vote.

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Popular? None of 'em But Kyoto probably is the best seller of the bunch.
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    Default Re: ..a help please

    I prefer Kyoto.
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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Tam Dao for me.

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    I would guess that Kyoto may be the most popular, so I voted for it. If I had to choose one of those fragrances, I would go with the Douce Amere.

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Does Douce Amere discontinued?

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Douce Amere is everywhere, Sailim

    To me, Tamdao is very popular, and of course, it smells great.

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Tam Dao.

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Smellin good

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Quote Originally Posted by sailim View Post
    Does Douce Amere discontinued?
    I believe that Douce Amere has been removed from the export line and that new bottles will be available only in Paris.

    It never was one of the more popular Lutens fragrances, so there are still plenty of bottles to be found around the world.

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    Among the four had come between Kyoto and Tam Dao, although recently the position of Kyoto has entered the Ouarzazate (more complex)

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    Default Re: ..a help please

    I own decants of them all. Five O'Clock for me......
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