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    Default Lost my sense of smell Help!!

    Need a Little help. I posted in "just starting out" but it was suggested that it would be better for me to post my query here. Some years ago I lost most of my sense of smell due to allergies. I still like to wear my favorite perfume but it has been discontinued. Most Precious. It was originally by Evyan and then Long Lost made it, now they have quit as well. Here is my dilemma; without a "nose" , very little gets through, I have a hard time time finding a new scent. It was a soft, delicate white floral. "Most Precious Perfume has notes of tarragon, heliotrope, anise oil, lemon, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, jasmine, orange flower, gardenia, rose, tonka, coumarin" If anyone can help me find something that will be similar in nature to this I would be grateful. I still like to hear how nice I smell or what is that wonderful scent you are wearing! Most precious was "my scent". Part of why I like this scent so much is that it is a light scent and it doesn't bother my mothers "nose". I am her caregiver and she usually hates perfume smells. Boy this sounds complicated but well there it is, I loved the scent it didn't bother her and 20 some years later I can't get it any more.

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    Default Re: Lost my sense of smell Help!!

    Hi my.migraine! Nice to see you again!

    Chanel no 5 Eau Premiere
    Apres L'ondee by Guerlain
    Dan Tes Bras by Frederic Malle

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    Default Re: Lost my sense of smell Help!!

    One fragrance I know that is also smooth, truly beautiful, delicate and will not irritate sinuses is Bourbon French's "Mon Amour" which is available on their website. Though the notes don't mention it (BF's note descriptions are notoriously incomplete), I smell heliotrope and a just trace of tuberose, along w/ the black cherry and vanilla, and the amber/musk base. If you get the pure perfume, which is quite reasonably priced, I promise you will get the same sorts of comments you got w/ "Most Precious". "Mon Amour" smells MUCH more expensive than it is, and is very longlasting. (Avoid the other strengths as the carrier used in those can be a bit harsh.)

    Important information for allergy sufferers: allergies themselves generally don't cause a loss of the sense of smell, but nasal corticosteroid sprays prescribed for allergies often do, as well as causing dry eyes. If you do an online search for "loss of smell" and the name of any of the commonly prescribed corticosteroid sprays you will find many results posted by distressed allergy patients whose sense of smell and/or eye moisture never returned. Damage to the nerves associated w/ these functions are apparently much more common than the pharmaceutical mfrs. admit.
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    Default Re: Lost my sense of smell Help!!

    Hello my.migraine - what a difficult situation for you - not just losing your sense of smell but also the one perfume you loved and could actually smell!
    From your description of the notes you like, that were in "Most Precious", I would suggest you sample "Baghari" by Robert Piguet. It has many of the notes you mention and is pretty strong.
    Also, "L'Heure Bleue" by Guerlain might fit the bill. It has been reformulated but is still a good, strong perfume and like Baghari it has a lot of the notes you like.
    Good luck! My husband lost his sense of smell in an accident many years ago, so I understand how frustrating this can be.

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