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    Default Recs for the newbie

    Just joined today. If you take a moment to go through my profile, see things I own or the about me section, that would be great. Would really like imput from people. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Recs for the newbie

    Reading your profile, the perfume house Dyptique came to mind (I believe they have a store in SF, or perhaps at Barney's there). They make clean, often crips, very natural smelling perfumes based on things like herbs and flowers. Clean yet complex, avoiding the excessive simplicity and shallowness of many supposedly natural perfumes. Eau Lente is one example, but the whole line is worthy.

    For something before you go to SF, I'm thinking about certain Guerlains (usually available at either Saks or Neiman) related to your statement of "flowers, early mornings": Apres l'ondee (which means "after the rain", and really reminds me of flowers after the rain), or Chamade, a very serene floral (you have to wait for the spectacular drydown, though).


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    Default Re: Recs for the newbie

    Welcome to basenotes!

    There is so much for you to discover. So I suggest you sniff all you can. hahaha. Check out Bond no 9.

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    Default Re: Recs for the newbie

    You can try

    CB IHP Mr Hulot's Holiday - for vivid mental imagery of the East Coast. This one is just trippy.

    Le Labo Rose 31 - Really nice, sexy stuff.

    Creed Green Irish Tweed and Silver Mtn Water - Both are reminiscent of the great outdoors.

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    Default Re: Recs for the newbie

    Bleu De Chanel

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    Default Re: Recs for the newbie

    Thanks for all the recs guys. I own GIT and love silver mountain water. I'll check out the others.

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