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    Default The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    According to the science of aromatherapy, it is known that there are perfumes stimulants, sexually, relaxing, etc.
    What would you suggest as the most relaxing - soothing fragrance?

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    Clarins Eau Ressourcante works for me.
    Also try Serge Lutens Encens et Lavande.
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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    I find Jicky and Tam Dao relaxing.

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    I have heard that lavender is supposed to be soothing and aid a restful sleep, so frags with that as a strong note may be a good bet. For my part I find some of the Guerlains comforting and relaxing - notably Mitsouko, L'Heure Bleue and Shalimar.

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    Definitely Something Predominantly lavender like wild lavender by Lorenzo Viloressi.

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    l think the most soothing fragrance is the one you feel best "fits" you, in my case Samsara.

    ln general, l find vanilla & amber the most comforting notes.
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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    L'Occitane used to have a scent called Lavender Amber that I found very smoothing. Loved to apply it over a vanilla based body lotion, too.

    The Jo Malone range has a Lavender & Amber scent but I've never sampled it.

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    For me, it depends. Sometimes lavender and vinalla, ala Pour un Homme de Caron. Sometimes something brighter and fresher, like Tommy Girl. And sometimes something with depth and complexity, like Grey Flannel or Zino Davidoff.

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    Caron Pour un Homme or Villoresi Teint de Neige

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    Calvin Klein Truth
    Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere
    Les Exclusifs de Chanel Bel Respiro
    Pure Turquoise Ralph Lauren
    Les Exclusifs de Chanel 31 Rue Cambon
    Guerlain Mitsouko

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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    From the point of view of aromatherapy, lavender would be relaxing. There are pilow mists made with lavender or just pure lavender oil for the bath tub.

    Personally, I don't wear lavender scents as a perfume. I find certain soft rose fragrances soothing. Keiko Mecheri Attar de Roses, for example, is a truly relaxing fragrance for me.

    Oh, yeah, and L'Artisan Traversee du Bosphore, which I am wearing today
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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    I find vanillas and musks soothing and relaxing, such as

    Love's True Bluish Light
    Helmut Lang

    Today I'm wearing Mandorlo di Sicilia from the Blu Meditteraneo line by Acqua di Parma. I'm finding it soothing and easy to wear.
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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    I agree with Teint de Neige - blissfully comforting, absolutely! And I agree that ambers are very relaxing as well - L'Erbolario makes a beautiful, soft and comforting amber called Ambraliquida that I've been enjoying as a bedtime scent (it's usually Teint de Neige.) Ambra del Nepal by i Profumi di Firenze is another beautiful and soothing amber - mellow, warm and creamy, and very luxurious. But Ava Luxe's Ambra Tibet is quite similar and much more affordable ...and another fragrance from Ava Luxe I'd recommend (I also second LTBL) is Madeline, a rich, sweet and softly spicy gourmand with fig, bourbon, liquorice and amber - comforting and delicious!

    I suppose I find orientals - warm, creamy, woody, ambery, spicy - comforting and relaxing as all of these are now coming to mind - Oro, Bois des Iles, Iris Ganache, Safran Troublant, Samsara (good call teardrop!) Parfum Sacré, Mystere de Rochas, Dolce Vita, Rouge Hermès, Yves Rocher's 8e Jour and Iris Noir, etc. Apparently I find lots of comfort in perfume!
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    Default Re: The most relaxing-soothing fragrance

    Samsara for me, and LTBL, but I wear that less often these days.
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