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    Default bottle size question


    I plan on picking up a evening scent and thinking about going with the paco 1 million.

    I was thinking if anyone buy's the larger bottles when picking up a scent just for evenings. I go out like once or twice a week.. od question, but thinking if I might get tired of I liked the smell, but some people have gave it mixed reviews for the long run.

    Figured I'd start with the small bottle... any recommendations?

    Edit: forget it. large bottle is only $17 more.. for double the size...
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    Default Re: bottle size question

    for evening scent, i would not go with 1 million. It is an intense club fragrance. It is sexy, but it is very strong and not sensual. I would go with YSL a Nuit de L'homme. Perfect evening frag

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    Default Re: bottle size question

    Quote Originally Posted by jnkhan82 View Post
    Edit: forget it. large bottle is only $17 more.. for double the size...
    Wise choice.

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    Default Re: bottle size question

    A NowSmellThis article a few years ago tested a 1.7 oz bottle and found that it produces about 735 sprays, so this should help gauge how many wears you will get out of it depending on how many sprays you use.

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    Default Re: bottle size question

    I personally go for 100ml

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    Default Re: bottle size question

    The math is usually like this: you get twice the size for an additional 50% price. However, if you plan on building a large collection of fragrance, the small price difference can add up quickly. I personally prefer a larger bottle, so I'd have to be more selective in purchasing full bottles.
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    Default Re: bottle size question

    I almost always go with the 1.0 or 1.7 size. The only time I go for the big one is if there's a comical price difference (i.e. for $5 more, get double the size, etc.).

    I wear lots of different scents, and after about three years, there's only a handful of my small bottles that are less than half full. I figure if I finish it, I'll get another one and know it'll be fresh. And also if the scent goes stale (I've had a couple), it'll sting a little less knowing it was a small bottle and not a big one.

    Why spend the extra money if you may or may not even use it? ;-)

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    Default Re: bottle size question

    depends on how often you'll use it... for me that juice is potent and it's not something I'd wear often, so i might pick up a 50ml and that's it. any 100ml bottle I've bought I usually make an effort to trade/swap away about 25-30ml so the extra juice I got for cheap by upgrading actually gets me a bunch of different juice to try out too.
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