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    I am located in Australia and am looking at ordering some mens fragrances online. Could you please recommend some online sites that sell legit fragrances at a good price? I have read a lot of reviews and it seems there are issues with quality, customer service, delivery time etc with certain sites. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Also interested in places that ship internationally.

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    Ok, I made an order with fragrancenet and 1 day later they said they dont accept paypal for international orders only electronic funds transfer. Sounds dodgey to me. So I have narrowed it down to either strawberrynet or scented monkey. I have used strawberrynet before and their service was great but prices a bit high. Has anyone in Australia used scentedmonkey and if so how was there products, service and delivery times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by odiefunk View Post
    Ok, I made an order with fragrancenet and 1 day later they said they dont accept paypal for international orders only electronic funds transfer. Sounds dodgey to me.
    That's incorrect. I've ordered many times from FragranceNet and have only paid with Paypal. Prompt dispatch and decent delivery times. I suggest that on the shopping bag page, instead of clicking the "Pay by Paypal" button, use the "Proceed To Checkout" button and in there, choose Paypal as your payment method.

    It should work.
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    Oh, I forgot about this, but FragranceNet also don't accept e-cheques. Your Paypal account needs to be capable of "instant bank transfer" and you can do this by adding a credit card as a back up funding source.
    My good reputation gave me a friend that I don't know.

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    Mysuperdeals are very cheap and very fast delivery times there located in Sydney Australia link below

    Strawberrynet is from HonKong but very cheap and good delivery times as well link below

    and the other one is FragranceNet which is cheap but I don't really like to order from there because of shipping times etc and old stock hope this helps :P

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    Default Re: Online Fragrances

    Ordered from them many a time - great, fast, friendly service.

    An obvious choice.

    A relatively new online store with hard-to-find fragrances and competitive prices.

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    Fragrancenet is legit and with the blatant price hikes of strawberrynet (seen $10 increases over night), I have shifted to the former. The use of Paypal is hit and miss. Had a few that went through and others that didn't. Started using the CC with no issues. Had one order go missing and they refunded the full amount after 30 days.

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    I go for Fresh Fragrances and Cosmetics ( over Strawberry Net these days. I just got over the lack of customer service with Strawberry and I suppose really you get what you pay for. It's just a hassle trying to get them to email/cal you back with time delays, international call rates.... Fresh is in Melbourne and it's just easier to deal with real people, their responses via email actually answer your questions above and beyond what you ask rather than a one worded response. I have used Fragrance X but don't go there cos they are terrible!

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    Agreed I prefer these days, good prices and they are in Melbourne which makes communication much easier and at least its in the same timezone ;-)

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    I recently used , as they had my favourite (m7 fresh) pretty cheap (and it's discontinued).

    Freight was $39 plus $3 per item, so I ordered big to spread the shipping cost out over the order.

    My order finalised on wed 29/8/12, Package was waiting for me when i got home from work on monday the 3/9/12 (melbourne Metro area).

    Great to deal with.

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