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    Default Age and scent categories

    Ok, I'm 32 and I've recently "gotten into" colognes. I like lots of different scent categories, including the sweets. You know, the ones with the ambery-vanilla dry downs, and/or sugary citrus notes. My question is, am I getting to mature too wear sweet scents like Boss Bottled, Le Male etc?

    I know some will say "wear what you want", but I can I still be perceived by others as mature when wearing something sweet, or should I gravitate towards the spicier and more "serious" earthy-woody scents?

    FYI, I consider myself more traditional in style (i.e. not trendy/hipster, not burly tough guy), just average.

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    Default Re: Age and scent categories

    Its about you. I smelled Le Male on older guy and it was amazing and it suited him much better than to many adolescents that use it too. So its up to you what are you comfortable to wear.. and what suits you best.

    I dont think that sweet frags are not suitable for older men. Some of them smell more youthfull (e.g. JOOP Jump, Rochas Man) and some older (e.g. Guerlain L'Instant, Pure Malt..) etc. but other people can perceive them different.

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    Default Re: Age and scent categories

    There's not an easy, logical answer to your query. You have to sample and find your own way.

    Over time, you find out what fits for you. Choosing scents is highly personal and only one opinion really counts. I find some scents wear way too young for me, but I won't make any sweeping pronouncements about them. There are guys in here of all ages that wear everything.

    Some guys your age can get very skittish about smelling too mature. There are a lot of great scents that can trigger that concern.

    With a lot scents, restraint is the key. You could wear scents like Le Male or A*Men, but just don't douse yourself in them like you're going to a rave. You're at a great age to be into scents.
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    Default Re: Age and scent categories

    What you wear says a lot about how you see yourself. If you want people to know you for who you are (and not as some "constructed image"), then by all means, wearing what you like is the best policy. I always say, whatever you do, act like you have a perfect right to do it, and no one will dare contradict you. After all, even if you think you don't know yourself very well, who knows you better?

    Be who you are, it's much cooler than being somebody you're not.
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    Default Re: Age and scent categories

    If your heart tells you to wear it, then wear it.

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    Default Re: Age and scent categories

    The only "rules" are the ones you self impose.
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    Default Re: Age and scent categories

    +1 for restraint. I wouldn't worry about scent categories as such. Seek quality and refinement, subtlety, elegance, beauty in any of the 'categories'. Cultivate your taste, avoid vulgarity, tackiness, poor quality. Invest more if necessary even if it meant less fragrances in your wardrobe. Choose quality over quantity.

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