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    Default Going sample hunting tomorrow

    Im heading to Saks and Neiman Marcus tomorrow. Im going to smelling some of the bond line for the first time. New Haarlem, Success is a Job, Brooklyn, Coney Island, Little Italy, Bleeker Street, Fire Island and Wall Street are on my list of samples that i want to get a hold of. Any one know of some others, bond or not, that I should seek out? Also do they dislike people coming in and just asking for or buying samples? or do they have them readily available?

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    Default Re: Going sample hunting tomorrow

    My favorite Bonds are Chinatown and Great Jones (among those in your list, New Haarlem). But you have already too many. You will get olfactory fatigue after 4 or 5.

    My Saks here in DC carries Piguet. I love Bandit, and Futur too. But not all Saks do.

    Bring a pencil with you so that you can write the name on the smelling paper if needed (not a pen, they'll get all smudged with the perfume). If you put the perfumed strip in a small plastic envelope, it'll last more. Perhaps if they see you so interested they'll be more inclined to give you samples.


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    Default Re: Going sample hunting tomorrow

    People are stingy with samples. Well Im pretty likable so maybe they'll see that im truly interested in the product and am taking my time with these things.

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    Default Re: Going sample hunting tomorrow

    If you plan to buy then they should have the good sense to include some samples with your purchase.

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    Default Re: Going sample hunting tomorrow

    By all means if you approach as an interested consumer capable of buying, you'll be able to sample from their testers with no problem. Just let them know you need some time for a fragrance you like to develop a bit on you. If you're completely unfamiliar wiith the fragrance, it's better to get a whiff on a paper blotter first. If I'm sampling, there's only room for 3 fragrances on me. If you kindly ask the SA to make you a sample or two to take with you for later, I'd like to think you'll be obliged as long as you don't get carried away. Good luck. Let us know how you fare.


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    Default Re: Going sample hunting tomorrow

    I made out like a champ. I did buy a 1.7 oz of Coney Island. I have been looking for an awesome fruit based fragrance and it knocked my socks off. The lady loves it as well. A lot. I was given 12 different Bond samples. The SA was extremely friendly and saw that I had done some research. I went to Saks, Neiman Marcus, Barneys. I was really impressed with Little Italy as well but Coney beat it out. I was also given boat loads of other samples like lotions, and cleansers and such. The samples I was given include 2 Hamptons, Astor Place, Eau de New York, Chelsea Flowers, Chinatown, Cooper square, Wall street, New haarlem, High Line, Brooklyn, and Bond Signature. I will say this, Chez Bond smells exactly like Green Irish Tweed. Just not as strong. If any one wants a sample and doesnt mind if I smell it first. Yes I know the wrapping is nifty but hey it was my trip.

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    Default Re: Going sample hunting tomorrow

    I'd recommend adding Riverside Drive to your list as well. With spring on the horizen, this is certainly one that would work well in the near future.

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