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    Default Quorum / Kouros cage match!

    Okay... I was an uninformed, occasional fragrance user until a couple of months ago, when for whatever reason I developed an interest in this stuff, discovered BN, etc. I've been lurking here since then and yesterday joined up. Anyway, here is the story of how the other night I came to find myself out in semi-public wearing both Quorum and Kouros, i.e. feeling like an olfactory hand grenade with the pin pulled.

    Quorum was the second frag I ever owned, and the first one I ever bought, back in college days. I haven't smelled it for years, but I have good memories of it, and since starting to learn about fragrances I've been wanting to try it again. It can be had for bargain basement prices, and if I had some disposable income I would just go buy a jug of the stuff, but I'm on a "med student budget" (short story: mid-life career change) and don't have extra $$ to drop on nonessentials, so... I'd been on the lookout for someplace with a tester of the big Q, just so I could see what it smells like again and what I'd think of it now.

    Kouros is something I've been wanting to try ever since reading about it here, what with everyone saying "love or hate it for life", etc. I just find that intriguing.

    So... the other night while on the way back from a short trip, we (me, wife & kids) drove past one of those outlet mall places and realized we'd never actually gone there despite it's being only about 30 miles down the freeway from where we live, so we decided to stop and see what was there. I soon ditched the rest of the fam in one of the clothing stores while I went to see what sort of fragrance stores might be in this place. It turns out that there are two. Actually, two-and-a-half, the half being a little cosmetics place that had a just handful of men's frags... but with one of that handful, oddly, being Kiton Black, I sprayed a test of that (pleasant, unique). Also one of Lauder Pleasures for Men (meh... reminds me of something I can't pin down, but not anything I want to wear).

    Heading out of there, I checked the mall directory thing and found Perfumania. Both wrists already used... but I still got the backs of two hands! I walked into the place and spotted Quorum and Kouros practically side by side (maybe that was the "80's beast" shelf :-). I asked for a shot of Kouros to the back of one hand, and my old friend Quorum on the other.

    With regard to Kouros: I found myself in total agreement with Gilgamesh2003's review, and this will no doubt find its way into my cabinet at some point in the future.

    As for Quorum: it smells just like I remember it, and at the same time not like I remember it. That is, the pure sensory impression of it is the same, but I read it differently. It's an incense/tobacco bomb to be sure, but what I most remember being aware of is Quorum's citrus top notes which on my skin combine into a lime accord which I really liked. That lime accord is there, just like I remember. What's also there is a real dirtiness which endures, threatening to verge into skankiness but staying in check. I'm guessing this is due to the patchouli and how it plays off the other notes. That's true to my memory of the scent, although at the time (that is, years ago) I wasn't consciously aware of it. Finally, there's a sharp resinous pine note that especially comes out after I breathe gently on the application spot. I look forward to adding this blast from that past back into my small collection some day.

    Interestingly, over time -- as the vileness of Kouros' opening receded and its rich heart notes came forward -- I began to regard Quorum as the "dirtier" of the two. Anyway, that is how I ended up with both of these 80's powerhouse frags on at the same time!

    (PS - my wife liked them both. But my 11 year old daughter said the Kouros smelled "like a porta-potty" :-) ).

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    Default Re: Quorum / Kouros cage match!

    Welcome to basenotes.

    Those two are real eighties powerhouse stinkers and wearing them together shows you have real

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    Default Re: Quorum / Kouros cage match!

    Great post!!

    that was a fun read Welcome!

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    Default Re: Quorum / Kouros cage match!

    Being a big powerhouse nut, I really enjoyed your story!

    Kouros and Quorum are both in my Top Five all time favorite frags, but I never thought of layering them. I have to try that, so I too can be a walking hand grenade.
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    Default Re: Quorum / Kouros cage match!

    If you want the real Kouros, don't wait, hunt around for it now before the weaker version replaces it entirely.
    The current newer Quorum is very nice, but not as harsh as the older version.

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    Default Re: Quorum / Kouros cage match!

    Nice story about the two beasts, codeshack. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to Basenotes,
    ointments and perfume delight the heart....

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