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    Default chocolate candles

    Hello everybody.
    What chocolate home candle would you recommend?
    I've smelled Chococaine by the Hype Noses (but won't give it too much attention, due to a mostly unpleasant experience with another candle of theirs, which smelled of greasy pans!) and Heeley's Cosmic Chocolate, but I would like to have more suggestions.
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    Default Re: chocolate candles

    I have Voluspa's 'Truffle White Cocoa' and while I can't make out the "....creamy champagne, and bitter white chocolate" from their blurb, it does smell like a good chocolate truffle. Bit smoky though, the flame, not the scent.
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    Default Re: chocolate candles

    The Voluspa Truffle white cocoa = Lancome Pome
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    Default Re: chocolate candles

    Chocolat Amer by Mathias Paris is heavenly. I found it in a boutique in Paris and it was like rich Hot Chocolate.

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    Default Re: chocolate candles

    Catherine Memmi's Moka candle. Chocolate with just a hint of coffee - not tooth achingly sweet. Just warm chocolate goodness. Sort of expensive but perfection!

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    Default Re: chocolate candles

    Maybe somebody else is interested, too, so I share this: Douceur d'interieur by Sensation Chocolat Paris. It exists in both Chocolat Amer and Chocolat au lait version.
    I have the first one, it's definitely nice, very balanced and warm. Not very expensive, too.
    I thank all the people who gave advice!
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    Default Re: chocolate candles

    Pacifica's Mexican Cocoa Soy Candle. Matching soap, body butter and perfume, too.

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    Default Re: chocolate candles

    I really like Godiva candles when I'm in the mood for a chocolate candle. And they have lots of variations on the chocolate theme.

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