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    Default Question about proper storage...

    I have been reading everything i could find about storage and I always see " cool dark place" over and over or variations of that. My question is simple can you give me some tips on where and how i can store it within my room, should i put them all in a black bag and store it in my walk in closet? I have read about buying a refrigerator which I cannot afford right now, so that is out of the question. Also what is the best tempreture and what is borderline too hot for colognes? I can find dark places, but finding a cool place is the problem within my room or even the house. Tips and ideas please, my imagination isnt that great

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    Default Re: Question about proper storage...

    I store them in a drawer chest in my walk in closet. If there's no window, light shouldn't be a problem there. Also, if you keep the box, there's even less of an issue.


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    Default Re: Question about proper storage...

    I separate my perfumes. I group the seasonal ones together. Then the ones I don't wear as often separate from the ones I will go though within a year such as light body sprays. I have a dresser in a closet and when hot, wrap them in clothes and keep the closet closed. I keep nice empties or perfumes I hated, but in nice bottles, on a shelf for display.

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    Default Re: Question about proper storage...

    Yeah, if you have some frags that you never wear in the summer, box them up and put them in a cool dark drawer in the basement. And if you worry about the ones upstairs during the summer heat, just buy a cheapo digital thermometer and throw it in the drawer with them. You will find that if you keep the drawer closed during the day, it will keep cooler than the room overall - less fluctuation even if the room gets hot during the day. Or move your frags downstairs during the summer, or locate the drawer near an AC vent. Lots of ways to keep 'em cool without a fridge.
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