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    I have been dabbling in cologne for a long time, have rotated through the usuals, Hugo, AdG, Farenheit and others, For Christmas my wife bought me Varvatos Original and I love it but like most others it didn't last. So while out shopping my wife and I stopped into a perfume shop and they had Amouage and we tried them. I tried Memoir and so did my wife, they were both amazing, such unique scents, we spent the day shopping and when they both were still smelling great after 8-9 hrs we jumped. I ended up with Jubilation, I liked it a little more but for my wife Memoir was perfect.

    With purchase the place gave us samples of a bunch of others, so far I like Memoir, Jubilation XXV. Silver, and Dia were a little to powdery for me, and I did not like Reflections. Are there any others I should try, I still have a sample of Gold that I am going to wear tomorrow.

    Also are there any summer fragrances that will last like these but have a more clean scent more like Tommy Bahama or the Hugo? I may give GIT or Virgin Island Water a try but have heard they have longevity issues.

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    Welcome to Basenotes!

    There are many to try out and if you liked Reflection, there are some niche houses that offer a wide variety of perfumes that are fresh, mostly citrusy scents.
    Some houses to look for are Acqua di Parma (the classic line), Etro (etra, lemon sorbet, vetiver and pegaso) and Santa Maria Novella (lavanda imperiale, russian cologne, eau de santa maria novella, acqua di sicilia).
    Lalique also offers some great quality fresh scents like Encre Noire (the edt) and Eau de Lalique.
    I don't want to call Amouage's reflection just a "fresh scent" because it's a more complicated scent than it seems but the overall aura of it is that of a fresh scent so i wanted to emphasize on that and on a few niche houses that might be interesting.

    cheers and happy hunting!

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    Within Amouage, as you said there's Gold (both woman and man) and also Ubar. These three are huge powerhouses, even stronger than what you have. The Golds are more flowery (Gold man with a wonderful civet accent), Ubar more incensy. More difficult to find there is also Homage (an oil), very expensive, though.

    As for long-lasting fresh, in general it is difficult to have fresh and long lasting, because most of the materials that are usually though of as fresh (eg citruses) are short lived. Long lasting fresh stuff tends to be very chemical and unpleasant (see Light Blue). An exception is vetiver, a material that is both fresh and long lasting. As castorpollux was suggesting, one example is Encre Noir. Another example would be Sycomore by Chanel (which lasts a very long time on me).


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    i dont have much exposure with niche but really enjoy Creed's Silver Mountain Water and Millesime Imperial. MI does have longevity issues but SMW last 8 hrs plus on me. im also sampling some bond no. 9's and like Hamptons and Bleecker street from that house.

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    Vetiver is one I am thinking about, guerlain, creed, and others, I will add Sycamore and noir to my list, thanks and keep em coming

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    Default Re: New to Niche

    Nasomatto Silver Musk is a clean powerhouse for summer. Lasts and lasts. And lasts.

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    Default Re: New to Niche

    Atelier Grand Neroli

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    Default Re: New to Niche

    Congratulations! Welcome to basenotes!

    And what a way to enter niche! Amouage! Try Epic Man by Amouage.

    Also, you can check out: Serge Lutens and Frederic Malle.

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    My favorite niche is Maison Francis Kurkdjian available at Neiman Marcus...Check out the whole line.
    Five that I am enjoying right now

    1) Sel de Vetiver by The Different Company
    2) Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain
    3) Bois des Iles by Chanel
    4) Devin by Aramis
    5) Coromandel by Chanel
    Currently wearing: Lonesome Rider by Tauer

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    Default Re: New to Niche

    I'm fairly new to delving into the world of niche fragrances myself. I think I've picked up (or I'm aware of) just about everything mainstream that's piqued my interest.

    Can't offer any suggestions on the fragrances, but I have been getting a variety of Creed and Bond samples online so I can make sure I'm going to like before I get it. It's one thing to do a blind buy if the bottle is in the $50 range, but a whole different beast when it gets to $100+ range.

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    I got my Jubilation in the mail yesterday, what beautiful packaging. I also tried Epic today and it is another great sample. Not quite as wearable as Jub but awesome none the less. That puts my count to 4 that I really like. What a wonderful house. We also got 3 samples of the Library collection so I may try those too.

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    Default Re: New to Niche

    If you are a fan of rose, I would highly recommend Amouage Lyric Man

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